Alliance battles easier access to info

Put opponents defense team power level below their names so you don’t have to open each info to get an initial impression of who you want to fight from the initial battlefield page.
Ex. Player x

That will not show you the troops nor emblems or heroes stats… Can’t see how it would help…
So I won’t vote because for me it would be a useless feature… TP means nothing to me…

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Would you even consider going for a an attack on a 5000 pt team with a 2000 pt team. If the stat was on the players initial screen for the battle in alliance battles. You wouldn’t have to open their profile to even decide if it had any merit in attacking. It is just moving the info from an interior screen to the exterior screen. Even if it didn’t matter to some, if could appeal to others.

For sure…
That’s my opinion and that’s why I won’t vote.
All others are free to vote and leave their opinions.

If that 5000 point team (realistically probably 4700 if you had +20 emblems and level 30 mana troops) consisted of 5x Margaret, I absolutely would. I’d take a 3* mono red team with specials that synergize, and I’d CRUSH them. That’s an exaggerated example, just as yours was, but it illustrates the point. 5x Margaret has a higher TP than 5x Gravemaker. Who would you rather face?

That said, it would be a small thing to add to the text box the available points for each team. That’s more use to me in picking targets.

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The available points is along the same train of thought. Why take time going into a teams info when it could already displayed.

I’m going to go into the team info anyway to see what I’m up against so I can choose the best heroes to use

I think I’d rather see how many points they’re worth. Very useful for those last seconds in a very close war when you’re trailing my 126 and need to find the right combo of enemies to hit to have a chance to win

As a more seasoned player you have a better knowledge of the hero’s showing, this would be more beneficial for newer players.

Even the points are indicative of a teams power

Yeah, sure. I’ll vote for it. Helping fellow little guys and gals.

Newer players especially need to avoid the trap of thinking team power is an accurate representation of the challenge rating of a particular team. Personally, I’d like to see them get rid of that statistic entirely, or at least not show it at all, just hide it in the code for matchmaking if they need it. It would certainly avoid some of the complaints here on the forum about raid losses.

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Actually I believe points awarded are based on total health of the team and unless you can divine troop levels mystically, it’s impossible to know who the 65pt team is vs the bunch of 60 pt teams

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