Alliance Battle

I just wondered whether there were any plans to allow battling as an alliance? Something along the lines say as a Titan battle but with all those battling on the field at the same time, perhaps in three sections maybe snipers and de-buffers, main force, healers and snipers or however you wished to set your manpower. You could battle for alliance rewards, the quicker it’s taken down the better the reward tier. Just a thought!

This reminded me of something in a different game I played. There was an “event” but you only had one week to do it. It requires working as an alliance. So there was an option under the alliance leader and co-leader to activate said challenge.

So how it worked is it allowed the alliance to coordinate a good time. Once done, they would log on to the “event” screen, like the war battlefield. Them the event would start.

This would be a similar mechanic. Those were actually really fun. I did like that game I used to play.

Some of the Destiny levels required that sort of “team play” ensuring you had the right mix of snipers heavy weapons etc, needed a bit of thought and planning, It wouldn’t discriminate against any alliance regardless of level. I just thought it might be a good way to go forward get the emphasis back to staying in alliances and reaping the benefits.

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