Alliance Banner Colour doesn't stick

Hello =)

This topic seems to be getting closed, but it’s still a bug and it’s quite annoying.

Example of what I tried to put in:
[#531196]Test 1
[#33dd96]Test 2

And result:

There’s no color code allowed / permitted in alliance banner anymore. That’s why it won’t stick.

Not a bug, it’s a feature. :smile:

I sense some sarcasm there. :thinking:

Nope. :slight_smile: All I wanted to express with it is that it’s working as intended.

I just like that sentence. I work in a development field so we use that sentence for our own product sometimes. :joy:

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This is the featured message. The OP is referring to the description I believe.

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That’s the featured message. It’s different to the alliance description / banner. :slight_smile:

What KAF said. :smile:


I hate using the banner thang only change the titan when it spawns haha our featured mgs Is in yellow.

No, Aqua… It’s not a feature…

I read that adjustment of size was disabled, but colour sometimes sticks, then reverts back…

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Oh true, it was the size that got disabled.
I take everything back that I said. :smile:

… and randomly it’s OK again …

Can SG confirm if it is a bug and whether it will be looked at?

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