Alliance 'bank'

I am trying to impliment little challenges within my alliance… to keep things interesting and fun.

Was thinking it might be nice to have an alliance ‘bank’ or something where a person could donate say 50gems. And then whoever wins the challenge gets to claim them. Just something simple.

Thanks LSF

It sounds fun, hit dont think it Will be made. Cause you can “fix it” so you can choose who that will get the gems in some way.

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From my experience the better score on titan the less ascension or decent loot you seem to get. Maybe I just have the worst luck but it seems spots 4-6 seem to get the loot which I am fine with as it helps them ascend hero’s but there is no incentive for being top 3 damage. I have been in alliances where people who have amazing teams refuse to be tops on damage boards because they get more loot at the lower levels.

My Idea is to have like a bank for every alliance that one piece of titan loot goes into it from the titan on top of everyone getting loot. For being part of the alliance you get points based on how well you do against titan. You can use those points to said purchase item from this alliance bank. Maybe there is a rule you can only do it once every fortnight (minor details) but if you leave the alliance you lose your points so its an incentive to stay and do your best for your alliance. This way top damage dealers get a bit out of this. With that said all alliance members would get points based on performance and could purchase from so called bank.

Just a thought for the development team!

I was thinking of something along the same lines as an alliance (as you call it) bank but with at least 1 .ascension item in it for every titan defeated.

Everyone that fort that titan would get points based on there position and once a week or fortnight top 3 players would get to choose 1 item from that list. I feel/think as a different option to everything being random having a choice somewhere in the game would give players a fairer change at getting what they actually need.

As you said if a member leaves they lose there points and start again anew at next alliance.

This could work from 3 or 4 star titan upwards. An ascension item would be guaranteed with every titan for that allience.

I think it is better to get the points according how often you attacked combined with damage. This would be more fair I think. Some heavy hitters just got 3 shots and are at #1. other players just at 3rd place tries to get every possible hits as they can and needed quite more hits to come in top5. This should be taken into account, shouldn’t it?

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That works too, the idea is good as a whole.

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