Alliance: Azerothians — Looking for: Merger

We currently have 14 spots open, but that’s negotiable.

Regularly kill 8-9* titans.
Always have full war and titan participation.
1800+ trophies req, but that’s also negotiable. We do regularly have 5-6 players in the diamond arena.

Open to players who want to join a new alliance if they can’t contribute a merger.

Very active on Line, with two brother/sister alliances in play.

Respond here if interested and I’ll share the Line details with you to talk further.

Hey there. Lord Zodiac from The Dork Squad Elite and Academy. My line id is lzm73

Sending an invite shortly

New moon rising is possibly looking for a merge. Line ID is bobbiearnold

Any interest in just bringing over your top six players? We have had a few changes since the merger posting.

We found an alliance to take us all. But ty!

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