Alliance appreciation


I would like to reward our alliance for the time and effort everyone puts into all aspects of our alliance.
Every 3 months leaders should have the option to spend $29.99 and the entire alliance receives something. An epic troop summon for everyone, 3 months later an epic hero summon, 3 months later 100 gems for everyone. Just an idea! :slight_smile:


$29.99 on the shop is 2800 gems. You get 10 Epic summons for 2600 gems, so why should SG give you 30 summons for the same amount to spread across your alliance?

Would make more sense if you rolled that 10 summons and the game randomly gifted them among your alliance members.

(Of course, Iโ€™d prefer to gift to whom I chose, but I donโ€™t think the game is going to be set up for gifting/trading).