Alliance announcements

The cheapest way aside from just leveling up in getting That increase is to just leave Your heroes in the training camps after they are finished and just keep building and take them out as needed. That is an endless Storage for heroes basically

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Did you reply to the wrong message?


Looks like it…lol…

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Did he relise it but? Lol

Can we create a chat where Co’s can write various important announcements?

This is to avoid important announcements written on the chat get lost due to excessive chat use.

Also, given that I am in an alliance that speaks native language, but also having a 3-4 of foreigners that never participate in the chat - perhaps because they don’t understand a thing. So we could write in English some important announcements (for example, stop attacking the titan, change the war tank colour etc etc) that everyone could see and it’s never lost unless it gets deleted by a Co.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

A lot of the alliances, mine included, use groups in Line to do this. A focused in-game option would be nice to have too

I have members that refuse to get on Line or Discord (our preferred format). It makes it difficult when things are discussed there but the others don’t know what’s going on. It really hinders communication when they refuse to join us and I hate leaving long alliance/chat messages.

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