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I would like to see a way for alliance leaders and co-leaders to be able to post an announcement that will pop up for every alliance member when they first log on, something that requires an acknowledgement to close. Currently I have several members who don’t check alliance chat and don’t use Discord. I don’t want to remove them, because they are active. They just don’t read the chat.
I would like to be able to tell my alliance “Hey, let this titan go” or "Purple tanks for this war " and be sure everyone gets the message.

I’d love to see that too.


Seconded (or thirded?)


That would be truly awesome. Got my vote !


I requested the same thing in a different post. You know what they say about great minds…


They keep repeating each other?! Lol jk, as a new leader I think it would be very beneficial!

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I’ve already suggested something like this and was told that most alliences use an outside chatting option to overcome this issue.

We do, but we shouldn’t have to

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We do also, but not everyone is on it. And they are good players - but strong silent types. I don’t want to force Line on them.

Plus we have a mostly absent leader (discussed elsewhere) - he pops in occasionally, this would be an ideal way to let him know we want him to hand over the leadership.


Maybe a better/good dev request to devs would be to have allience handed down to next highest member or most active member automatically if leader hasn’t been actice fir 30 days or so. Or force at least assigning allience mediator.

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Great idea! We could use this.

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That has been discussed many times elsewhere - I didn’t mean to take this off topic, just another potential usage of the suggested feature.

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Your right it has and this just what may need to happen for the devs to see that something like this need to actually be implemented.


We write it in the alliance discription…works perfectly.

I guess the alliance description is the best way to let people know of the scenario.

That’s what I’ve had to do.

Only so much you can write there but yea I suppose that can work for short notices.

Might use that. Cheers

I don’t want to put war strategy there, though

You make them get LINE…then you create one room for ALERTS…that room if nothing else has to have its notifications left on. Theres no chatting In the room. Just announcements like quit hitting the titans and whatever else. I did it to mine and it worked.

How to get all people to third part services or apps? Course you have some kind of workaround better than nothing. But in same time it is to complicated. Do this do that. Most people just will ignore such things. We definitely need some in-game solution. If not private messages then at least something what is suggested in this topic.

I think this idea is exactly what we need. E&P has very poor communication tools, way to poor.

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