Alliance announcement msg gone in Alliance chat?

Anyone else notice it’s gone?

I thought I saw this a couple of times yesterday but I closed and reopened the game and everything was back to normal.

I’ll post my screenshot (and what I did to recreate this) if it happens again.

Can the alliance banner be disabled in alliance settings?

No, it can’t. At least I don’t see any option for it. It can only be minimized.

Thanks! Still missing for me. I can’t even see the button to maximize it. :frowning:

It’s because your alliance doesn’t have a featured message set up right now. Then the window disappears completely.

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co-leader just set it to “hello, can you read me?”

Still can’t see it. lol

Guess that means it’s time to retire. :smile:

Maybe submit a support ticket about it. :slight_smile:


yea might as well haha.

Submit a support ticket I mean. Not retiring yet. YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY.

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