Alliance administration

It would be very helpful for alliance administrators to have the game provide statistics reports on alliance members’ performance, such as:
number of attacks on titan, percentage of participation and more.
It would be very useful if the Leaders and Vice Leaders had access to the heroes list of the members wishing to join the alliance.

Actually will be illegal something like this. Nobody should have accession to such datas, excepting the staff, of course. Besides, many alliances use Discord and Line. The players who wish to join can send their rooster. In fact, it is required by most strong alliances. But I repeat. The accession like you said, will be illegal in the first place.

Line discord could work to send rosta over! The alliance I’m in it’s 30 day wait to get the line for the alliance. You can ask for other players line in that time but it’s not recommended if it’s a “unknown”

No one has sent me a rooster yet. Bummer.


Birds of a feather flock together. Maybe you should fly the coop?


It’s fine If it’s voluntary opt in

Here you go




Sorry, but I disagree. I didn’t see it as illegal to manage an alliance observing the performance of its members. Every company or institution in the world does it, including the producer of this game. If you have a team, you need to have elements to measure that team’s performance, both in groups and individually. It is easier to identify leech players who come into ally only through the loots that other dedicated members strive to achieve, among the other things.
Thanks for discussion.

There are certainly no laws that I am aware of that prevent a player of a game to be able to see another player’s in-game stats. I’m a big advocate of privacy when it comes to things like email addys, real names, IP and home addresses, definitely bank and credit card info, but I don’t think it’s illegal to share information about a player’s in-game heroes or how many times they hit the titan, etc. That would be a pretty weird law. :thinking:

I have a pretty small alliance and I know my members, we have no secrets amongst each other. Very easy to see when someone isn’t participating, and they usually have a good reason and aren’t shy about sharing said reason. It does get trickier in larger alliances when you have new members, old members, members who rarely chat, etc., and in those cases it would be helpful to be able to track everyone’s activity.

My first alliance’s original leaders actually kept data on each and every one of us (stalker much? :laughing:). Didn’t bother me though. They never had to reprimand me for anything (well aside from being annoyingly chatty :grin:)

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The OP was referring to players want to join. A leader who can see my rooster and all? I don’t think so…

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As an alliance leader, I can say for certain that I have absolutely no interest in seeing any of my members’ (no pun intended) roosters.


Now that’s a Big Co… Rooster!!

Just adding a new rule for my alliance… any member who texts me a picture of their rooster will be immediately demoted and forced to clean the alliance bathrooms after every Taco Tuesday.

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With a toothbrush, no gloves!!

But speaking of Roosters, my wife keeps mine in her pocketbook.
She rarely lets me have it. Even if all the guys have theirs and are going to the bar? I mean it’s not like she’s using my rooster for anything, it just sits there gathering dust.

OK. Thanks for the replies.

Sorry for going off topic. On topic and back to serious mode: as I mentioned, my first alliance’s leadership team kept track of everyone’s titan hits and war participation. They went so far as to calculate last login time and compare to number of flags used.

Example: if a member logged on at 1 p.m. and used 3 titan flags, then logged in again at 4 p.m. and didn’t use a titan flag, they could reasonably deduce that said member didn’t have any titan flags. However, if another member logged on at 7 p.m. and only used 1 titan flag, and their last login was more than 8 hours previous, they were able to realize that member was not using all of the flags they had available.

Same with wars: if someone used 0 flags in war, they checked their last login. If they logged in while the war was active and didn’t use any flags, that was a problem. If they didn’t log in for the entirety of the war, they were expected to give a good reason why. Allowances were made if the member gave a valid excuse, but occasionally we had members who had constant excuses for everything, and they eventually got kicked.

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Thank you so much for reply with your experience. It so very dificult manage a group without all member being engaged with others.
It’s not just keep lechers buts we try identify this rats and kick out.

My last alliance was 20-30 members from all around the world, some old players, some new, some friends, many strangers. It was a major hassle trying to keep track of them all!

It’s a lot easier with my current alliance, just a small group of friends and family.

I guess my advice for larger more mixed variety alliances: get to know your veterans, longtime members, on a personal level. Learn their schedules. Try to chat with them regularly. Sometimes even a great friend and longtime member might decide at some point that they don’t want to play as much anymore. As sad as it is to say goodbye to someone like that, sometimes it is best for the alliance if you let them go (on mutual terms and be sure to let them know that they are always welcome back if they decide to become more active again).

Regarding newer members that you don’t know yet, I recommend only bringing maybe 1 or 2 in at a time. Make sure the rest of your members make them feel welcomed, make sure they understand the rules, answer any questions they may have, make sure your other co-leaders are keeping tabs on them. Not all of these new members will last long. In fact, most of them won’t. Not every player is a good fit for every alliance. Track their titan and war hits for the first couple of weeks and make sure they are communicating, or at least responding to your requests to communicate. If they’re being flaky and unresponsive, you should probably kick them out before they start to drag down your entire alliance’s performance.

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Thank you one more time, TGW. This tips you gave me will be very useful. See ya!

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