Alliance 2 weeks old on 8* recruiting


The MVP are recruiting!
2200 cups +
AW ready.
We have 20 dedicated members playing daily. We are already on 8* titans after 15 days.
We are going to be a top 100 team
Join now


Bump for the new alliance!!


We will be a top 100 team! Mark my words… join now :slight_smile:


Wow it’s hard to recruit!


Well if you will take a lower rank have a good line up just need a alliance that’s worth a ■■■■ to get some decent ascension items would love to joint and grow my team and your alliance

ps I have more players now older pics


Ps I plan n being a top100 player so sounds lie I would ft rite in


Hi Kreeves, if you join my alt alliance when you’re ready you can come to the bigger alliance.

Look up Don’t blink. They will do you well


Thank you just joined a great alliance I’m kind of on the up and up have a great line up and am waiting for Atlantis to drop have 15 Atlantis coins and I will be upping my team even more was looking for a stronger alliance to grow with thank you thow