[Alliancd war] Participation level error

I participated alliance war and used 6 flags.
But ‘current participation level’ is not applied after war.
I guess if total war score is 0 point, it’s considered not to participate. Is it right?
I think it’s not reasonable.
Because 0 point can be occurred on some exceptional case.(Ex. game freeze/strong enemy/board tile issue, etc)
So ‘participation level’ should be checked whether 6 flags were used or not.
What do you think about it? And can you restore 'current participation level ’ in this case?

Welcome to the forum.

I believe, for war participation, although using all six should, always be the goal, you only need to use one flag to increase participation - Even, If you scored zero.

If you leave your alliance and war somewhere else, your participation in the previous alliance is reset.

I’d take screenshots and submit a support ticket to SG. Your situation doesn’t sound right :thinking:. GL

Thank you for letting me know the VoC channel.
As the result of inquiry, they said like below.
‘Please note that a minimum of 1 point needs to be scored in a given War for that War participation to be counted towards the War Chest.’

I don’t understand it but it’s their policy. :sob:


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