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just for fun i would suggest adding the option of x1 x10 x30 pulls and also a counter for gems used in total. lol


  • also a period should be able to be selected for the hotm of that month-year
  • also a counter for how many pulls
  • also a stop of auto at getting the wanted preselected hero; with n0 of pulls and gems that would have been spent

this would be so much fun :smile:


In a CSV I’d want the numeric attributes of a hero plus the basic identifiers. Why? Because the damage formula is known (we think), it’s possible to calculate ‘effective attack” and “effective defense” from the raw data. Specifically:

  • Effective special attack = special % damage * attack_stat
  • Effective defense ~= 2*Def + HP

With all the stats, one can also do head-to-head calculations of how many tiles it will take, with what stack, to take out a tank, etc.

I have the stats of most 4* and 5* in a spreadsheet already, but maintaining that with the steady flow of new heroes (and mods to incumbents) is a task I thought we might be able to have fewer people do.

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Updates look great. Suggestion: move mana speed mich higher on the listing in Compare Heroes, as this is a critical stat. Also, since you’ve coded it already, include the Special Skills fields (e.g. AOE, minion) just above the long-form descriptor of the skill.

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Some of your ideas are implemented now:

  • Dropdown menu for
    • Single Pull
    • 10 Pulls
    • 30 Pulls
    • 50 Pulls
    • 100 Pulls
  • Counters
    • Pull-Counter
    • Gem-Counter
      • 400 Gems are deducted every 10 Pulls
    • 3-Star Counter
    • 4-Star Counter
    • 5-Star Counter

For the HotM I decided to always draw the current Hero of the Month.
Fun Fact: To not rig the simulator for a short period of time I actually tested the new logic with real odds. 38 pulls for a HotM would be so awesome :smiley:


Special speed moved up in Compare Heroes
For the skill tags I put them in there to see how it looks and I won’t implement them there. The columns just get too wide which would be a problem on mobile.

Regarding the CSV/Formula topic:
This sounds very interesting indeed!
Would you prefer to calculate all this in Excel or would you be interested in assisting me to implement it on


if you put how many 5* 4* etc, then you should put somehing like this:

ex: grimforest:

  1. classic heroes: 5* 4* 3*
  2. event heroes - same -
  3. hotm

and all should be able to be clickable and checked out; ofcourse dupes should appear just once with a “x34” for 34 dupes as example
also some % of the pulls should be added; in one word statistics

maybe in this way all the complainers will learn what RNG is.

there should be all like in reality;

  • only 3 options: x1 x10 x30;
  • different gems costs as per atlantis/non atlantis :x1 350/300, x10 3000/2600 etc

also after you are done adding pulls etc… a reset button should be added (that can just refresh the page, for example)

p.s. goodwork ! :slight_smile:

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i dont know exactly your goal, but at the speed and ,as i can see, knowledge you can turn this site in a real guide;

if you can host it 24/7, i suggest making it in 2 ways:

  1. for fun; as it is now.
  2. login required for: adding your roster, comparing heroes, with filters for tallent, for raidT specific… as many options as are needed for real usability and in the same time as simple as it can; with preset filters;

i would suggest using icons (you can use this link) instead of text with checks and with text that appears if hover ober more than 1 sec

as easier and intuitive, and in the same time as usefull as it can be, this can be a great tool :slight_smile:


Oh man!! Very well done. It is a great tool to community.


Great work. And thanks!

Miki added and some background stuff to improve user experience and SEO

hero filter is limited to 15 heroes displayed

Hey Boolz. Initially yes but if you reach the bottom it should load more if there are any

Its working on my iOS device as expected.
Can you try to scroll further down although you already reached the bottom to check if this is firing the event for loading the next 15 heroes?

i did. aint working.

android 8 and chrome
w10 and firefox

It is very well done. But you shall really work on the pictures. I mean the narrow stripes. Some pictures just show the top of the hero’s head. Otherwise, great!


Thanks for your feedback my friend - I am aware of this awkward positioning for - lets say small heroes.
Currently the image is placed the same for all heroes - customizing it for every hero is near the bottom of my priority list :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reporting as always Boolz - I replaced the “scroll to bottom” logic with a simple button to load additional results

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Hello everybody,

today I want to announce the next big thing of => The Alliance Portal

After a quick registration you are able to import your heroes based on ingame screenshots.
Detection of hero name and power will improve over time and will be adjusted based on beta detection results. Currently the detection rate is already quite good with close to 80%.

You can filter your imported heroes with all filters available on

If you create an alliance on and share the join-link with your members, you will be able to see all heroes alliance-wide. Suggest rosters to your alliance members and discuss it. Setup your own rosters for reference as well.

Feature overview:

  • Import heroes based on ingame screenshot
  • Filter imported heroes with all filters
  • Create an alliance and let your members join
  • see all heroes alliance-wide
  • suggest rosters to alliance members and discuss
  • setup your own rosters for refrence

The alliance portal is still in beta. Please report bugs here or via mail.

What features are next in development?

The next feature to be developed will be choosen from all incoming feature requests


Hey @Jason9013, fantastic work, this is really great. One suggestion, on the summon simulator, if you click “Summon Hero” a bunch of times, the tool will try to process each request, and I’m sure that’d cause it to crash eventually. You probably want to grey-out the button while there is an active summon simulation running.

Dear Jason,

thanks for your work and effort. Your database and filters are features which I am also missing in the game.

Any chance we can get an “add hero” button so we can do this manually? But then pics will be missing I guess. Tried the 3-row upload and recognition failed but 3-rows of heroes don’t fit the screen of my mobile well.

How about duplicate heroes? Can your site/data base handle this?

How about to update a hero when his strength has evolved?

Looking forward to your answers. :slight_smile:

To improve your simulator you could adjust gem costs since a single Atlantis pull is even 350 gems.May be you can also consider the reduced offers for 10 pull and something.Just some small notes.

Keep it going!

Hi Vikingblood80,

Thank you for your feedback.
You are right, that pictures would be missing for manually added heroes. Pictures from other users should not be accessible from my point of view.

For the import - did I get it right, that you would need a 2-row option to be able to properly import your heroes?
Duplicate imports - so the same hero twice - is no problem.
The strength can also be edited in the my Heroes overview by clicking on the pencil icon.

The Simulator actually deductes a gem amount after 10 pulls to reflect the correct pricing. But indeed Atlantis is not priced correctly.


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