Allarm bell, dreaded moment closing fast

I’m about to hit a brick wall, somewhere ahead, a few month from now tops, I’d say… It’s a strange situation that comes to mind more and more frequently lately.

I’m a free player, I have limited roster space, 178 spots, with 163 locked heroes. Of the 163, 125 are maxed, and most of the rest are 5* doubles, triples and so on, some at 3/70 some at 1/1… My last available (eligible for maxing) projects are two or three 4*, like first copies of Sumitomo and Cheshire Cat (leveling Mirewave at this point) and a few 3*. I also have some costumes left for maxing for a few 3 and 4* doubles. On top of that, my builder is soon going to become unemployed, as my last buildings, advanced farms, are all lvl 8 and above. Even if I would get lucky and pull some worthy heroes in the meantime, it would only prolongue the agony, as my roster space is really limited and I’m not about to spend 200 gems upgrading it in order to level up some more obscure doubles… So, soon, in about two month or so, I’ll get out of business in both leveling and building… what then?


Sounds like when the time comes it’s when you then evaluate whether you still enjoy playing the game.

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At the rate that HA10 strikes gold (here only one in 10 months of running), doubles and triples of 5*s are probably superfluous. I am starting to feed off some of those myself.

Upgrading roster space is relatively cheap, and makes leveling the ones you want to level easier and faster.

But it sounds like you’ve lost a lot of motivation to play… Here’s hoping you find it again.


I’m a free player too. Last weekend single pulled Alexandrine. My other projects are 2nd Eichelborg, Morgan Le Fay (Ha10 two weeks ago) and 3rd Rigard. I have roster space of 148/154. I don’t basically think much about what to do in game anymore. Its quite meaningless but I still like some parts of it.

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We will all get to your place in the game at some point unless we keep buying roster space.
I got to where you are at now last week.
I refused to buy any more roster places. I have a ton of 5* sat at 3/70 but can’t progress any because I have no Damascus Blades. At the same time I have over 40 duplicate 5* mainly S1.
So I decided to feed away 10 x 5* S1 duplicates and not do any more pulls for quite a while.
I am currently focusing on levelling both 4* and 3* heroes and their costumes.
And I have decided just to focus on the parts of the game that I enjoy, that are fun and that provide some escape from RLS.
After all this is just a game ….


I don´t see where you´ll use 2 cheshire cat (I use only for yellow TT) or 2 sumitomo, make them food and u get 2 space on your roooster. there also a lot of 3* who doesn´t worth for. If u need space, get rid of those u never use and free ur mind of this alarm bell.
As someone said above: After all this is just a game …. :v: :four_leaf_clover: