Allaince recruitment does anyone look at it?

One question does anyone even look for this alliance recruitment post? Cuz it dosent feels like anyone does… I have a post there for days with nothing, nit a question, not a pm in line nothing. And it looks like it is the same with the rest of the posts.
Sg really needs to make AR with more parameters. Such as Avarage members days in, amount of in and out player in a month ext.
If i were looking it was just finding a needle in a hey sack. But for example my allaince have 24 members with above 250 days in. Which means it has a very solid core but when i post in AR i am just another alliance out of 200… Same goes for the new member that want to join i want to see his history if i see that he is a hopper i wouldnt let him in.
Recruting is really pain in the aZZ tbh and the system to pick an alliance is just bad.

I think there are probably too many alliances recruiting so it’s hard for one to stand out above the others. Especially if the potential recruits and recruiters are being picky: maybe someone wants to join an alliance but will only join if they’re fighting 12* titans, but the alliances fighting 12* titans expect new members to have minimum 2000 cups, etc.

It’s a bit ironic that some alliances have a hard time finding new recruits, while my alliance is invite-only and we never go seeking new recruits, yet we usually get at least 3 random players a week requesting to join us. :man_shrugging:

I can say, as the leader of an alliance, I have had great success recruiting from the forum. My co-leader @Munch braves the game’s Alliance Recruitment chat. I did OK the one time I went in there, but it’s too much of a scrum for me. Not unlike a bunch of zombies screaming braaaains at each unattached human that comes into AR.

Also had luck going through Line groups and building relationships with people. I think that the relationships are the most important thing you can build in the game. This way, even if someone isn’t looking, they may consider you in the future.

It’s really not unlike dating. The rules are hard to determine, you never know if someone attached is looking, you seem desperate if you try to hard for someone you know is looking, you never know if someone who is looking and wants to join is into commitment and what level of commitment and you never know how much drama or maintenance they’re going to be until you’re knee-deep. So the best way to do it is to take the following steps:

  1. Join a few line groups. Talk, make friends, get to know humans
  2. Be active as you can on the forums, keep an active Forum recruiting thread for your alliance.
  3. Brave the AR chat once in awhile, continuing the method of #1… Be aware that AR is very much like a dive bar, where Line is like an ice cream social.
  4. Be good to the people in your own alliance
  5. Understand and reinforce your alliance’s desired identity & goals
  6. Let people leave if they want to, because it is just a game.
  7. Lather, rinse, repeat.

All else fails, join me and we’ll make beautiful music together.


Just hang in there. Update your post regularly to keep it bumped. If you don’t get results in the first few days, try rewording some of it to make it sound more inviting/friendly/etc. If your post is long and you don’t get traffic, try shortening it. If it’s short and you don’t get traffic, then try adding some more details to it to see what happens. I recently started recruiting for my alliance (open, no minimums) and it took at least a week to hear anything at all, and then it was someone just asking about the wording of the post, not with an interest in joining, necessarily lol. Then, this past weekend happened. The players in our alliance were talking about some things in chat and I welcomed some new members who joined in the past week. One of them revealed that they had seen my recruitment post and popped in to see what we were all about. They’re still with us, so hopefully they like what they’re seeing. lol


I love your post. This is SPOT ON. :+1::wink:


Thank you.

Even with knowing the best tactic for recruiting, it can still be frustrating because… humans.


I wish there was a way for me to direct people to other alliances when I reject them. I feel bad about hitting the reject button. I usually try to wait until the applicant has found a home, but if their join request is still there after 24 hours and they’re still alliance-less, I just have to get rid of that stupid red 1 on my alliance icon. :confused:

Apologies to all the people I’ve rejected! As you can see, there are plenty of alliances out there who are actively looking for new members. Join them! Please! Let them help you!

and stop bothering my private little family, they need their sleep!

I am doing most of the above, and we are a very tight and strong alliance, and it is very rarly we have a spot open cuz my members dont want to seek for new homes. It is very rare that someone come over and leave after a few days. But i will try as u suggested maybe i should change my post yet again. Lol. But thanks for the time you spent for writing your post.

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