"All Zeros will be Kicked" have one spot available



Alliance “All Zeros will be Kicked” has one spot available. All we ask is daily participation hitting the Titan. No cup requirement, no TP requirement, just friendly people from around the globe helping each other grow.

Be warned though the clue is in the title, so commitment is required.

We have grown many of our players and they have stuck with us.

Join us!


Recruiting again! Come on in!


Still recruiting!
20 Characters


@zero, are your feelings hurt? Lol


I’m sure if @zero would like to join us he would be most welcome! (we should be so lucky!).


Back to recruiting again, someone didn’t hit the titan.


I’m fine where I’m at but like your approach. Question. If someone has a vacation planned (like I did this summer), do you kick them or give lee with notice?


@littleKAF we don’t kick if you tell us. As leader I keep a record and we don’t kick if we kill the titan in less than 12hrs, as you may have been asleep.


Recruiting again! 20 characters


Filled again, thanks for listening.


Recruiting again - 20 chars


Recruiting again. 20 Chars