All updated hero rosters + special rosters



These rosters will be updated each month when the new hero comes out.!

Edit: rosters moved to new thread at OP’s request:

Artemis's Appendix for Max Hero Stats
Looking for the rabbits!
Artemis's Appendix for Max Hero Stats
Trouver liste de héros avec les détails

Hopefully these are now all OK. If you find a mistakes or missing heroes (I will add all three hares) please let me know. Does anybody know the name of Special Skill for Squire Wabbit? (or possibly even have his card?).


The list in itself looks very handy but it seems to use old stats. As an example Thorne differ in stats and Grimm has another ability.

Edit: Actually, is it yet again the Swedish translation that has made me dismiss a hero? In Swedish it tells me Gormek, Grimm and Tiburtus lowers the attack on opposing heroes. Among other things it says that Bane and Joon hits all enemies.

Stats for Thorne 605/793/1421


I am gonna update every hero as soon as I finish the Fire roster.


Nice work @Pois1, thank you for creating these beautiful lists. :smiley: I’ll combine the previous threads to this one.


I believe Little John is slow, not average. Other than that, the chart looks good!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I applaud your excellent work, and talent. This is useful and beautiful.


Lovely reference Pois! I would like to make 2 requests…

1- can I link these to my Compendium?
2- would you consider adding a column that shows the icon for each hero’s active special (if applicable?) I do get quite a few requests for that information. If you decide to I’ll help collect the info!


Hi, I would like that. Your guides are well known. Happy to be a part of it.
I actually thought about adding the icons of Special Skills but turns out I don’t like them much.
I will take a look at it, if it looks good in the table maybe I add it. We’ll see.
First of all I have to complete the remaining two elements and double check the Specials Skills, some of these changed recently. I hate to have any mistakes in there.


Is there a way to shrink Obakan’s notes so they all show?

Well done!


Done. Thanks a lot buddy.


When might we expect the other elements? :grin:


Takes quite some time to do it. I guess I can do holy today.


This is great info! Thank you!


Thanks for all your hard work! These are fantastic. I will have to share them with all my Players in Rebel Forces. Well done!


Here are all the hero stats and more in a spreadsheet format for SS fans:


For some reason the link doesn’t work for me as gracefully as your “all color” pages. :confused:

What am I doing wrong on the Heroes tab?

Full list of heroes in the game

Or it could look like this (with special skill icon instead of numbers)![dark roster with SS|690x351]

Edit: moved all charts to new thread at OP’s request:


hmmm… Gormek, Grimm and Tiburtus will all lower defense of opposing heroes, and Joon and Bane just hit single targets. (@Petri, this is probably something that comes under the heading of a bug, but I’ll just flag it and leave it as part of this thread.)


I will submit my list of corrections tomorrow. Figured no one was working on the weekend so postponed it a few days.