All these extra troops


I’m sure we’ve all noticed we end up with all these extra troops of verrying strengths through daily summons and the story map. But what to do with them? There currently isn’t a way to get rid of unwanted troups. As far as I can tell, there also isn’t a way to level them up. Even though they all have a “lvl1” on them. I think it would ne a fun addition to be able to level up the troops by consuming other troops and resorces found along the story map, similarly to how Heros are leveled up.

Another idea would be turn them into Summon Tokens. It takes a certain number of stars to get different tokens. So to get an epic summon tokon, takes more troops than a free daily summon. And the more stars a troop has (rare vs common) the fewer you need.


Hi Sandri, What you need to do is TROOP LEVELING after reaching lvl10 Stronghold with a Barracks and lots of food. Hopefully wiki links below will help you understand Barracks more and solve other questions as well :slight_smile:


AFAIK there’s no limit to the number of troops you can have so I say let them accumulate!