All the things that stop me from enjoying this game!

I sincerely want SG to listen more the player base, so I open this discussion and hope that someone from there will read our reviews on what prevents us from enjoying the game. First I started to feel the game as a second job, I am currently over 70 level and to stay competitive I have to farm a lot during Atlantis and Valhalla. Some of you will say it’s your choice yes, but without some materials you just can’t keep up with the game, the Titans, the events etc. Loot tickets are not enough, I think those 3 that come from VIP Pass are nothing, I think loot tickets should be included in all the wanted missions loots and many cheap offers for buying loot tickets. Farming is boring and executing and it’s reason one why I can’t enjoy the game.
The calendar is overloaded, with a maximum of 1-2 days break between events, it is somehow exhausting. I have invested money in this game so I still play the game and love the game but somehow it started to exhaust me.

Constant fear/stress that some of your heroes will be nerfed, I started to hate when I get a good hero because there is a chance that hero to be nerfed later. I emphasize in general that this is a great injustice for any of the players, and should stop. If a hero proves to be stronger and makes an imbalance, buff a common hero with skills or make a new HOTM that will be opposite specialized to take care of some overpowered hero as many are used to say and this will balance the game. For example, when Telluria appeared and made a so-called imbalance, why didn’t they just make a HOTM with special skills like Gromek’s costume. Putting strong heroes up for sale and further nerfing them is a farce! We spend money on those heroes, time, resources, ascension materials that are harder to find than alien life. It is easy for someone to say nerf that hero, but at some events I have spent 300$ to get a featured hero, at some 100$ and I have not gotten anything, I know how expensive they are and how difficult it is to get 5* heroes. The fact that I know they can be a nerfed after, spending so much money and resources does not allow me to enjoy the game.

All 3 new types of war, especially very fast mana wars are annoying for me. Slow mana heroes and very slow are very powerful and that is why their mana is slow, made them very fast is annoying especially Mother North, Alfrike etc.

Too many novelties. I started this game in 2019 then there was only Atlantis and the challenge event and this game was fun for me, then I loved the game. Now in 2021 I start to choke, I still love the game but I feel effort, how to race against time.

Limit Breaker big NO, especially not for 5*, there is not sense and logic for this.
Make new heroes in already existing events, stop building the calendar, make the E&P great again, relaxed and enjoyable

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So your saying they are adding more things that require players to be in the game more often… yeah kinda the point idle time doesn’t equal money. I’m f2p I feel lucky to get 1 pull during Atlantis last one didn’t even get one.

No point trying to get them to listen there not interested .

You got 2 options either cut your losses and erase it all and move on or put up with it and keep on playing.

Every time I see these threads I wonder…what would we be saying if all we had was season one, raids, and titans? I can’t imagine we’d be happy with that. Even if we throw war and Season 2 in there this game would be very stale.

Every decision they make is good for some and not so great for others. Since they clearly listen to money, and the money keeps flowing, they’re clearly listening to players.

Let’s also stop pretending listening to customers is some magic answer for a business (cue people telling me examples where it works).


The last part got my like.
Customer feedback is only part of the grand scheme, and to some extent they listen, but only when there is an imminent threat to their cash flow(as you stated).
Cue the dissent.

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Mm… I don’t mind the schedule is overloaded, like other players said you can play the event you like. But I think the keep losing hero balancing, ridiculous Raids pairing, poor boards, low summoning odd… etc are the key thing to stop player to enjoy the game.

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Please use the existing threads on all these topics.