All the stuff

I know you all are going to rip me apart because that’s what you all do. I’m not throwing my ideas out here for players, I’m hoping that the game gods take note. You’ve used your tournament flags and now have to use an all purple team to complete today’s POV. Every team you go against is so much bigger than you, they have way more cups than you. You roll until your food is gone, not one even a maybe… possibly… probably not win. I’m going to throw it out once more. Play the ■■■■■■■ game before making changes


Pretty sure some if not all the developers play or have played the game…but…you can skip a few challenges and make it to the end of POV (maybe just by the seat of your knickers) but still it csn be done.


After I did all the thoughts and prayers possible to the game gods, it seems they didn’t take note. Good luck next time.