All the problems with the Challenge Events

Unlike the previous events, this time there is a lot of unhappiness surrounding the release. You don’t have to agree with me, of course, but there are a few things I believe could make the events feel more fair, fun, and satisfying to play.

I’m a big fan of clarity in games. Helps the newbies, helps the power gamers.

  • display the level difficulty like it’s done beside quests. This will help people adjust their expectations and approach each level knowing what might be awaiting there.

  • give players CLEAR information about how the score is judged and how does everything weigh into it! I don’t know why it’s not done yet, but there is NO reason to keep such information hidden!

  • enemy attack and defense skills should REALLY be visible. EVERYWHERE. What good is knowing a boss deals 315% of its attack damage if there’s no attack number? Come on, guys. It’s high time… And it just doesn’t make sense not to have it shown. Might as well hide HP and leave everything to blind poke-work :roll_eyes:

  • if an event is more difficult than the other, it should be known. Hence #1. Otherwise it WILL frustrate players, and for what? There’s absolutely no reason to withold that information.

  • display the top score >from the previous event< on each level. I understand that people want to keep their current scores hidden, competition and all that, but giving a benchmark and a tip to those, who, for instance, have not competed in previous events would reduce the need to run around in circles. Trying to best a score can be fun, but not knowing if you’re even running on the right track is not.

Let’s make one thing clear - nobody cares about the small rewards given from stage to stage. Sure, they must be present to make any sort of sense, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with event itself.

Challenge Events are supposed to be challenging and difficult. End-game content. Great, superb, we need that in the game. But then why are the rewards so weak? Borderline worthless to the end-game players?

The new even IS more difficult than the previous ones. It requires a lot of items, or a great pimped up team. And yet the rewards in it are WORSE than previously? That’s not how things should be.

There is a huge issue in E&P when it comes to effort vs. reward. It’s simply imbalanced.

Rare quests are great - they come every now and then, take some energy to finish, reward TWO valuable items, one of them VERY valuable.

Now suddenly Challenge Event, MORE difficult, takes MORE energy, MORE items, is RARER, and yet it rewards ONE valuable item and ZERO of the best? Completion reward-wise of course.

This imbalance is visible in several areas of the game. Titan Chests, Missions. And now also events, with this month being an especially striking case.

Once Effort/Investment becomes balanced with Reward, the game will become more enticing and fun.

Balancing all heroes would help too, but I’m tired of yammering about that, my topic history provides all the yammering one might need, should they feel like immersing themselves in a yammer session :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact of the matter is that without free players, the game would be dead. The paying players only feel the satisfaction from topping the ladders and acquiring their crap, because there’s a lot of players who are progressing slower than them. It only makes sense to invest in the game if there are other people playing it. The fewer the people, the less satisfaction from the investment, the less investments.

Disregarding the needs of F2P players WILL kill this game. Creating more inaccessible heroes that will be so strong they will block the way for success to F2P players will not benefit anyone in the end. Balance, balance, balance.

Slower progress is fine, it’s fair. But the end-game must be the same for F2P and P2W or things will fall apart. F2P players must be able to eventually compete - if they like competition. I would think the competitive top players would like that too. The more people participate and >>have a winning chance<< in any given contest, the more prestigious it is to win the thing.

Don’t antagonize F2P players. No, I’m not one of them. I simply know how important they are.

I am puzzled why this event decided to make this problem even more obvious.

Intermediate - completion rewards are worse, meanwhile there are better rewards for the top 50.
Advanced - completion rewards are worse, don’t know about top 50, didn’t check last time.

I don’t understand why that happened? I don’t mind at all top 50 getting better stuff, but completion rewards are the only thing that could bridge this gap. Instead, it was made larger.

You can tell me all you want that F2P players have it just as easy to get top spots in the event as P2W ones. That is simply not true, if only because they have smaller rosters, less ascension items, and less leveling power.

This is how I’d handle it, to let players grow at their own pace. Yes, P2W WILL get the goodies faster. But the endgame goals will be the same for F2P and most importantly, they will be hence achievable as long as they keep playing and get some lucky rolls here and there.

Yes, I can’t sleep, and yes I like writing forum posts. Quiet :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks man, all that was quite interesting. I hope the Devs take notice of their member players.
The game is good but way out of balance, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that.
Rewards are just the biggest JOke on the planet.
You spend your guts out fighting tough events, use up heaps of items and in the end , recieve pathetic peanuts. And the Devs want you to be excited about the game. Haa ha haa
no wonder so many players are just getting sick of it.


This time there is nothing to win in intermediate and even advanced. I guess I will pass my turn.

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Compass and gloves intermediate, and sturdy shield in advanced, are not to be sneezed at.

Which is not to take away anything from the thoughtful OP here. There’s a fine line between challenging and frustrating; this event crosses it.


You’re right they’re nothing to be sneezed at but for someone who doesn’t have a maxxed 5 star team I’d rather not spend a couple dozen of 4 star battle items

I get more ascension items in a week than those 2 stages combined anyways

This, Definitively this!

Last event I sent a maybe-too-vitriolic ticket to the staff about it and had no answer.
But the èplayers deserve it.
I can’t understand the reason to keep it unclear

I can understand your feelings.
Even if i can compete (at least on 2 category out of 3 in every event), i don’t like how this game are changing slowly but surely spreading disparity.

Only few people in a million get something interesting and progress faster, only to get again something interesting soon after in the next event.

Thats not end well i fear.
Maybe it’s time to look around.


And this!
Hotm are enough to frustrate who hasn’t the luck to pull them or can’t afford the cost of their pull.
Now we also have event where strong heroes are available just for 3 days.
I can’t see the fairness of it


I fully agree with OP.

This event is not challenging. It is frustrating. Extremely frustrating.

Our entire alliance is very annoyed.

One player, level 33, a good player, great guy and excellent hitter on the titan, quit the game - and our alliance - over the event yesterday. So yeah, in addition to being extremely p***d off ourselved, now our leadership team has to find a replacement for a level 33 good player. Well, thank you very much …

I myself participate in the event only for the “finish” reward.

Intermediate was ok.
Advanced was horrible.

What is the good of acquiring and leveling up heroes if the event shows you clearly “no matter what you do, you are not good enough!”

I had to use my best materials … and a revive for 75 gems … to finish the end stage of advanced and get that shield.

I have lost all enjoyment of the game and will take it a lot more slowly from now on.

And I have 3800+ team strength (normally. With richard. He is blue).

I have spent a little money on the game. Because I enjoyed leveling up heroes and getting stronger. Thank you very much for opening my eyes to the futility of it all.

Oh, coming back to one of the OP’s points:
F2P players do not have an ice cube’s chance in h***. Well, maybe in “beginners”. Woohoo.


@Ellilea I think all your suggestions are excellent. I am one of the people who actually like the events and even though some of the bosses are infuriating, I like this one too. But I really, really, really like to know how the scoring works, sometimes I think I am doing a lvl very good, I throw in a lot of items to kill the bosses fast and my score is so much lower than a previous one, it just doesn’t make sense.
And a suggested teampower is a really good idea too, it might make the complaining less, if people know beforehand the last level is going to be a longshot.

I want to add a suggestion, could we get a preview for every stage (colour monsters and the bosses?). I am not a “taking notes” kind of gamer and it would be very helpful if you replay levels to better your score, you could try to tweak your team per level without having to take notes for every level. Especially since I play every difficulty and want to better myself for every difficulty too.


I consider myself an intermediate player, and as I look around at ppl’s comments on line about this game, it’s just negative after negative.
When I read about other top players & ppl who have payed $$ for quicker advancements and how disappointed they are, makes me just wanna delete & quit this rip off game. If players with 5* teams are quitting then why the hell should I even spend $1 on the game.
Especially the drop rates on epic & legend summons. How can you pull 10 in a row and not even get one 5* hero, HOW? only if it’s rigged like a crooked roulette table , that’s how.


An imbalanced game sooner or later will frustrate a lot of players and will make many of them quit. That’s just how it is, that’s why games like LoL are always looking out to release balancing patches to the game and the champions.

E&P has a lot of nice things going for it, but I think it’s in desperate need of balancing in several areas. Preferably before another huge feature hits and leaves people biting their phone screens.

Additionally, as I said in the OP, I think it suffers from the lack of clarity. Devs said their formulas for calculating defense and all that are complex - well, okay, but why can’t they be viewable to the players who are curious? I’ve never seen anything like this in a game. There’s always a way for the curious players to see how the mechanics work and theorycraft around it.

This vagueness spreads to summon chances, titan loot, elemental chests, events, all of it. I’m not sure why is it needed at all.


As a new-ish player, I can tell you this event is a bit frustrating, and a little demoralising. I didn’t get very far in the holiday event challenge, and I accepted that easily because I WAS new (though I felt like Guardian Owl’s special was a bit unreasonably over the top and stopped a lot of new players from getting anywhere near completing even the blasted beginner tier). I’ve got better teams for beginner and intermediate this time around, and even though they’re not fully ascended my strategy has gotten so much better which means I’m making smarter decisions about tiles and specials (Morgan isn’t an issue for me so far, and Spirit Link on the beginner levels is freaking invaluable).

But because I AM still a new-ish player that doesn’t spend a crap load of ££ to advance, my heroes aren’t anywhere near fully maxed yet, and I don’t have all of the special battle items yet, which means I’m taking longer to complete the levels (though thankfully without having to use continues). So while I will complete the beginner tier (and maybe the intermediate), I’m still out of the running for the top prizes because I’m not paying to get the items I need to finish with a shorter timer/greater damage. So I’m at a disadvantage to those who are around the same skill level as me but are happy to shell out the extra ££. The lower level prizes are useless, so I’m basically doing the challenge simply because it’s there, and what’s the point of that? I can work on my strategy using the map or with titans.


I’m glad to see this thread. This event has irked me for reasons similar to the ones described in your OP.

I’ve been doing better and better at each event which is what I would expect as my team power and sense of game strategy grows. But I’ve really struggled on the last few stages of intermediate this time, and I have no clue how I will ever be able to beat the final stage. Morgan + Guinevere is just…wow. The event doesn’t last long enough for me to level other heroes which might perform better against these Avalon folks.

I wanted to get into at least the 1000 range on beginner and intermediate, but I don’t think that will happen. The prizes really need to be improved. Why bust my ■■■ and burn through items just to get a regular summon tokens? The stuff we got during the winter event was better than what the majority of players will get out of this!

Also, I did a 10x event summon because I really like Arthurian legends, and I didn’t get a single event character. It was seriously a bummer and has made me grumpier about the event.


The real problem is too many exclusive heroes and game becoming Pay to Win, what’s the point of Training Camp if I cannot train the new heroes introduced…

I see nothing wrong with the event, either you’re skilled and make a good score or you’re not, so either with the event or not people would still complain cause that’s human nature…

But I personally like the event and even if I don’t make it too far this time at least I have something that keeps me excited and got something to strive for.

It IS nice to have the challenge event as something different to test myself teams with. The disparity between paying and little-to-non paying gamers is becoming more and more apparent, though.

Excellent post, @Ellilea! I especially appreciate the F2P section.


Well written and I agree wholeheartedly!

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  1. There’s a whole bucket of luck needed to get the best scores. You cannot get water out of a stone and if a board is scattered or will not provide gems in your dominant color the timer’s ticking and the run will fail. Therefore I don’t believe skill is the only deciding factor here. Sure, you have to pick the right team and items, but that’s no rocket science. Utilizing boards properly on the fly is the only real skill factor. But, like I said, you have to have what to utilize :slight_smile:

  2. That means it may require using multiple energy refills. That’s fine, and I actually think THIS should be the primary gem-dump during the events. Why? Because playing the game is FUN. If SG set thresholds for scores to win good items, it would most likely encourage a lot of players to push for it. Bringing more revenue through that.

  • Refills are not very expensive, for the price of 1 roll (and we all know how that usually ends), you can have 3 full energy refills. Instead of 3 seconds of fun (ending in disappointment most of the time), you can easily have 30 minutes of it. Sure, it can also end in disappointment, but it was ENGAGING! :scream_cat:

  • Additionally, threshold system focused on milking players on refills would have a few more advantages:
    a) easy on schedules! One could push when they have time, for instance late at night, and then peace out knowing that their accomplishment won’t get undermined by someone who sees their score 2 hours before event’s over, buys 30 refills, and pushes until they’re up there. As it is right now it’s a little too much like bidding on crap on eBay :rofl:
    b) it’s much more satisfying to reach a difficult threshold knowing you’ve done it
    c) would give a chance for more players to achieve the high reward tiers - with high enough thresholds it still wouldn’t be huge amounts of people, it would simply be less frustrating.

Basically, I think that even if say 10 people got the #1 prize, because they tryharded with a bajillion of refills, they would be happier about their prize hero than if they acquired it by a random roll chance. SG would still make money off the refills, but players would be more engaged in a game and active. And hence less likely to go “meh, boring” and “meh, unfair” and leave.

  1. Easier said than done, why are you complaining if you know the “formula”?

  2. Save world refills for the events next time.

3,4,5. Got me lost…

I have spent about 3€, I’m not complaining at all, those top players are grinding hard for those spots, I know what it takes and it’s well deserved, trust me it’s not that easy like buying 30 refills and you’re up there.

If you don’t like it then do not take part, but why are you mad on some people having some competition and a prize for it…

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