All summon tokens converted into 1/10 (or 1/100) fragments

Atlantis coins require 100 to do one Atlantis summon

Challenge coins requre 10 to do one Event summon

Daily and Troop and Epic tokens each require one token to do one summon

Why not normalize them all into 1/10 or 1/100 fragments and hand them out more commonly?

It would be an easy conversion and I am sure everyone will be much happier getting tokens more often even if it amounts to the same overall quantity of summons. It would feel more rewarding with more token shards being given out in much more different types of reward payouts since it would be partial tokens. @EmpiresPuzzles


…or like this game since it already has Challenge and Atlantis coins broken into 10 and 100 units.

I am certain more partial tokens handed out would make people feel they are being rewarded more and with more opportunity to have them in smaller doses. Different rewards would motivate people to play more to gathering them all

It would be nice if you could convert tokens from the lower tiers to the higher ones. Granted the game is based on gems and purchasing it so naturally buying gems is the most practical route but dedicated players having an upper tier building that operates like a Bank and or more within the scope of the game a “Coin Trader Outpost”

Coin Trader outpost could be a lvl 20+ building and combination of tokens and materials could be converted to higher level tokens. To monetize the building (the game is still a business) you sell materials which decrease the time it takes to do the conversion. An example could be:

Lvl 20+ Building Coin Trader Outpost = similar building requirement as a hunter lodge
(1/50 ratio) 50 ordinary summon token + food + material + time = epic troop token
(1/25 ratio) 25 epic troop summon token + food + material + time = epic hero token
Purchasable item = Cloth Sack decrease money conversion time 15%
Purchasable item = Leather Satchel decrease money conversion time 30%

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