All star team

If you could pick any 5 heroes, who would it be? Everyone is fully ascended and you can take duplicates if you want. Just trying to see who everyone prefers

What for? I’d pick different teams for offense than I would for defense.
As for a team I’d love to test for entertainment value on defense just to see how it works out, Alberich, Gravemaker, Guinevere, Red Hood and Zeline.

Drake Lee - Gregorion - Guinevere - Ares - Athena for defence

I’d pick whatever Zero picked…plus Darth Vader, Wolverine, Master Chief, the T800 and Pikachu. And then I reckon I’d have a chance…

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That’s a sadistic lineup.

I’d like to try Sartana, Zeline, Red Hood, Athena, & Natalya.

Not that they’d be unbeatable, but they’re totally hot, & I’m shallow.

And this is totally for fun. Thanks for replies

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