All star roster, now who to level? (6 rings/6 tonics, level 30 player)

Ok so it’s been a while since I checked in with my roster. I’ve had some excellent summoning luck, and with some diligent Atlantis farming, I’ve leveled up my heroes quite a bit. I’ve still only been playing about 3.5 months though, so as expected, progress is slow. I’ve done my best to level up 3* and 4* to build depth from the ground up but I gotta say it’s hard staring at all these A list heroes saying “someday…”

Anyways, I was able to finish all three tiers of Pirates and just finished all 3 tiers of the nature emblem quest thing, so I’d really like to get a couple 5* in the oven now, since I think they’re more fun to use and typically do cooler things.

As you can see I only have 2 compasses so if I choose a green and red 5* it means that my 4* will have to take a temporary backseat, but I want the game to be fun and not all about discipline lol, so maybe that’s ok. Open to discussion though :slight_smile:

See below for roster pics and AM:



Kingston and Grazul or BK imo, Lady Lake i dont know :thinking:
Nice roster btw, gimme that Finley!!! :crazy_face:

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I went back for Finley and it actually worked! Pretty excited about him :slight_smile:

Kingston is a solid choice, but I wonder about Alby too. I guess Kingston would be good in raids, defense, and titans, so maybe he’s the most versatile choice.

For red, I’m more excited for Black Knight than Grazul hmm…

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Everything starts with the tank.

With that in mind, Red Knight is probably your number 1 priority.

After him I’d look to get a healer and the number 1 choice there is Alby.

Once those 2 are done you can then start thinking about which 5* to complement them

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@AndyBSG Yeah I’ve never had a strong tank, but Black Knight seems like the standout there. Wilbur+10 keeps me about 2000-2200 cups for now, but he tops out about there.

So you think it’s better to have tank (BK) and support (Alby) first? The other option is I can start Ariel in hopes that by the time she’s 3.70 I’ll have gotten 2 more scopes and in the meantime I can go for Kingston? Kingston seems much more versatile, but I’m not certain. Alby is a real gem though

BK could be your tank and well flanked with kingston and finlay. i dont like alby (dont have him too), but i never use slow speed ones for d. Future d: ariel-kingston-bk-kingston-finley (for raid, war is a different thing imo, then i would swap ariel and kingston1 or kingston-bk-ariel-grazul-kingston, you got a lot of great possibilities), that would be looking real cool too on the field. :smiley:

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All the sudden we’re talking full 5* team?? Haha! It’s hard not to get excited but I’d say I will only be able to do one blue/red/green 5* for the foreseeable future haha. But BK, Ariel, and Kingston are fantastic options!

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i know, i live in the future and see great things coming for your d in 2020! :fox_face:

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An exciting thought! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Why would you want so many new heroes if you cant level all of them at once?? It seems that you been spending big money on the game. My advise is to level up the heroes you already have before you spend more money, which seems to be late, but you need to stop. This game is about patiance and you need to farm so many AM that there is no point in summoning for new heroes if you havent even raise the ones you have. Go for Black Knight and Alby. Finley seems to be a broken heroe so I would go for him too.


Fin Alby Blacky Lakey Marie

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There’s always one of you lol. Thanks for your concern, kind sir. Better to have more heroes than you can level (to a point) so you can make smarter decisions about who is worth the precious resources. If you only have one choice then you may put a lot of time and resources into a hero that really wasn’t worth it, in the long run. This game is all about the long run so I’m happy to have many good choices of heroes.

I’ve only got rings and tonics, at the moment

Lol there’s no way to shorten the game, short of spending loads, which I have not done. Money, can, buy you heroes, but not leveled heroes. You’re making a lot of assumptions based on a small amount of data though. Seems you have your own frustrations with the game, which I understand.

I’ve spent a few hundred, which I’m more than ok with. I’ve got very few duplicates so I don’t see an issue or that I’m overdoing anything.

Again, thanks for your concern but I would prefer to get back to the point if this thread, if that’s alright with you.

For me, it depends on what your priorities are in the game:

  • Do you want to focus on building one stellar defence team that will hold you in diamond - and thus reap ever so slightly better Raid Chest rewards?
  • Do you want to be an ace Titan fighter - in which case get Miki to 3/70 asap?
  • Do you want to get 6 decent war teams, so you are not frustrated when you can’t do much with your last few war teams? In which case level a solid bunch of 4* first.

There is no right answer!
Personally, I think many people put too much emphasis on building a single defence team at the expense of building up a set of strongish attacking teams.

Short answer with your current mats: Green = Kingston, Red = Black Knight (or wait)

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@Luiii Good luck to you, and enjoy.

Good points here, thanks for your reply. I’m not too fixated on defense team as I’ll get to diamond eventually. I think my priorities are having some heroes that are fun and strategic to play with, so the day to day gaming is even more fun, and then that coupled with choosing heroes that have good versatility. In that regard Kingston and BK feel like good choices, and having the bonus of good synergy! Kingston to help keep BK alive when he doesn’t reduce to 1, and BK to boost Kingston, and everyone else’s, attack.

I’m working on Sonya now but I plan to get Miki to 2.60 at least in the nearish future, which should be durable enough I hope for our 7-9* titans.

War depth is a thought I have too, it’s just been feeling like all work and no play filling those slots without getting into some of the more fun heroes :crazy_face:

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Red - BT / Grazul / BK
Blue - Ariel
Green - Peters / Albi

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You don’t need BK to keep you in diamond.
He is obviously great to have and possibly one of the best tanks around.

Focus on offense first. Your roster is lacking in depth.
BT would be the obvious first choice for things he is able to do at a much cheaper cost.

Peters is one of the super green 4* so no qualms there.
Albi or Kingston is fine. Go Kingston if you are going to up Ariel.

Ariel would be a game changer for your roster. Cleanse / Heal / Mana up.


i think your 4 star team would finish most if not all special events on legendary - maybe you want a reposte character and Cyprian might be worthy of your next compass. given that, i would have fun with it and get two 5 star guys going. i dont have these awesome heroes so i;d trust consensus which is BK and Kingston.

you might then look towards authur, lady of the lake and morgan le fay for some pretty decent family bonuses and the green heroes will all benefit from their elemental link abilities (with kingston)

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