All she typed

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Fair enough!! You will definitely be missed around here. Your posts have always been very post-y! I don’t imagine things will be the same around here :frowning:

Lol nice troll man

Hopefully one of these days u find someone more interesting to stalk

Odds are though, you won’t get as many responses to your joke as i did to my “at the time” sincere farewell

That’s gotta sting…

Difference between us isn’t just in words but numbers as well

Don’t worry though, if you keep tryin …one day you MIGHT be half as known as i am…a long shot but hey doesn’t hurt to dream

Good lord.

Reminds me of the people flaunting their “karma” on reddit.

Regardless of the OP’s post and intentions, not a good look…just saying. Also, why even bother responding, now they’ll be motivated even more.

If I am not mistaken, the thread title is a direct dig at @Rigs’ thread.

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Moderator’s Note

I see no indication that this thread is intended as anything other than satire of this thread: All She Wrote and the actions of a specific player.

As such, it violates this Forum Rule, at the least:

This thread will be closed.


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