All rewards are unfair given

In Titan fight if you do more damage to the Titan you get better rewards where u Can Upgrade ur hero, but you People forget that if i have a Powerfull hero i would be able to do lots of damage without need to wait for the tools to upgrade the stupid Hero. How the Huck am i able to be Top player in Titan fight if my Hero is Not fully upgraded because i am Messing the Hucking tools.

In Quests… better upgrading tools are in the strong fughts where my heroes Can Not survive the fight…

Very stupid of you who though better rewards for stronger heroes .stupid stupid

Almost all the AM in my Ally goes to the B graded. The top players in the game farms at levels that you can sure pass with 5 days in the game (5-8, 8-7). The game is only slow.

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