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WRONG see below
(Red, green, blue, Farholme, yellow, purple, Farholme)


So it’s different than the elemental order of red blue green?


Yes. But my memory was wrong. See:


I know it’s off topic but not sure where I could ask this.
Does anyone know if XP quests are really worth the XP/flag vs stage 1-23-11?

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@Ragonn I moved your question to a thread that I think will help to answer it. :slight_smile:

So 1-23-11 is 2837 xp for 7 flags, which is roughly 405.3 xp/flag.

Looking at the top post in this thread, the Gain Experience Quest has:

  • 2600 xp for 6 flags = 433.3 xp/flag
  • 3250 xp for 10 flags = 325 xp/flag
  • 9975 xp for 12 flags = 831.3 xp/flag

So the first and last level are worth it, and the second level isn’t — but it’s worth the dip to get to the huge increase for the third level.

On a related topic, the Rare Challenge Event Stage 2 is one of the highest farmable xp/flag places in that game that I’ve seen, at 431 xp/flag. It doesn’t top the Gain Experience Quest, but unlike the Quest, you can repeat it as many times as you want, and it slightly beats out 1-23-11.


Thanks a lot @zephyr1

My analysis
XP Quest = a total of 15,825 XP for 28 flags = 565 xp/flag
lvl 1-23-11 = a total of 11,348 XP for 28 flags = 405 xp/flag

My “personal” conclusion
However, I think 1-23-11 gives much much more mats and better chances at heroes/troops, so I’ll just go with the old 1-23-11.


You’re welcome!

The ingredient drops are definitely better on high levels than the Quests, so I think that’s a reasonable conclusion. The argument for the Gain Experience Quest (or the Challenge Event approach I mentioned) is if you pretty much only care about XP.