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Here you can find all information to the rotating quests I have been able to collect so far:
30.3.2018 - Special Events added
8.4.2018 - Quest Resources added
2.5.2018 - All tables will be replaced by new ones (check out Mount Umber) over time.


  • the Epic Troop Token in Find Recruits II is not awarded regularly
RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Check spreadsheet for more details
Experience gained in Quests
Descriptive Index of Empires & Puzzles Resources
Summer Event
:pushpin: Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo
Experience gained in Quests
Recommended TP for Frostmarch Increased?
Entraide des Patates
Information/info-graphics/links to guides tips a collection of it all! let dump it!
Please add xp to be gained on forehand. To prevent not yet wanted leveling
Master List of E&P Links
Master List of E&P Links

Each element has its own rare quest which gives items needed for ascension of heroes of the same colour.
The sixth rare quest is of black colour and gives ascension items which are common for all elements: fine gloves, compass, damascus blade and tome of tactics.
From time to time items vary, when that happened to me I listed these and separated them with slash.
Power+ refers to the highest recommended team power seen for that stage and power- to the lowest.
I also added the hero comments before the quest starts and when it finishes. Again start and finish comment is separated by a slash.


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Thank you. Your advice really helps me to understand the game better. :slight_smile::+1::ok_hand:

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Pois1, you are awesome! This is excellently put together and easy to read and understand. Thank you so much for donating your time and creativity to help all the other players out there!! :smiley::smiley:


Hello Pois1, nice work thank you.
I think that one is missing in the common quests : iron, currently online
In frostmarch I suppose there is a mistake in your powers for the level 5
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Mine Iron Quest added. Minor mistakes corrected.


Awesome chart!
Funny how the game makes midnight roots and grimoire dust a challenging item on a rare quest, they are easily obtained in level 8-7 which is a very easy level!
The ascention items are what we need!
Just keep feeding us more rare quests SG thanx


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@Pois1 can you create a list with enemies’ colours and final bosses for the events?


Check out “Monster guide”


I’m talking about Corellia, teltoc and Avalon… But a guy from my community found me that some minutes ago:


Aha, I see. Well, that is very nice. I thought you meant the Springvale Tournament since it is up now and included in the Monster Guide.


Yeah! I’m seeing it… I’ve reached stage 18 from advanced… Very hard, I’m loving it!

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Yeah, it is hard. I like this event the most.

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Does anyone have an order list just for the rare events? Special excluded