All Over It Alliance Looking To Expand/Grow Our Ranks

Please note member removal from the alliance is at the discretion of the alliance leader with/without input from one or more co-leaders.


  1. Member must use at least two (2) flags on every other Titan.
  2. Members failing to use required flags without prior notification of absence from group activity is grounds for immediate removal from the group. We consistently fight and beat 4-5* Titans and are beginning to see 6* Titans.


  1. Members are required to uncheck war box when they notify alliance leaders they will be absent for any length of time.
  2. Members whose war participation box is checked are required to use at least three (3) or more flags in the war.
  3. Three (3) consecutive wars where member’s war box is checked, but member does not use their required three (3) flags, whether notifying alliance leaders of absence or not, is grounds for immediate removal from the alliance.


  1. Chatting IS NOT a requirement. However, members are required to notify alliance leaders if the member will be away for more than five (5) days.
  2. We have several members who lurk, but who shore up the alliance with their consistent participation.
  3. Inactivity over 21 days (without notifying alliance leaders the member will be away) results in immediate removal from the alliance.


Email Cleo at with subject line: Alliance Recruit OR comment here.

If you email, make sure the email and subject line are correct as a filter sends alliance notifications to a monitored email addy. If I don’t respond in 24hrs, nudge me me with another email. My monitored email is CONSTANTLY a sea of black. sigh.


—Current membership stands at 18 as of this post date (03/13/2020)

  • Our top five (5) players have an average 37 experience and average 1700+ cups
  • Our top ten (10) players have an average 32 experience and average 1500+ cups.
  • I am currently one of the top 5 players in the alliance (always subject to change LOL) and profile stats shown below.

— We are a fun, active, NO DRAMA group that provides a safe gaming environment, while focusing on teamwork, participation, and keeping the game fun within the rules outlined above. Our strongest members help weaker players grow with answers to questions, advice, and strategies. Two of our top five players are SAGES / Obi-Wans of the game who always provide assistance to weaker players.

— Members consistently post impromptu notices in Chat when a War Enemy is damaged so weaker players can attack or if we’re close to taking a Titan down. EVERY POINT counts regardless of player strength or points earned in Wars and Titans to increase quality of victory loot. We have won wars by less than 20 points due to teamwork.

— Members of the alliance DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND money on the game. Some alliance members spend money, while others have grown their heroes without spending money.

Game on, Cleo

Hi, I play multiple times daily and attack the Titans and play in the Wars. Current Alliance is becoming frustrating because not everyone contributes

I think you’d be a great fit. Come on over

Just checking to see if you’re still interested

And sorry if my first reply didn’t get to you I’m not used to the forums

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