All or nothing when 'undoing' training or forge queue


Ok this is weird.
When training heroes - if you are full on hams (storage full) - and you ‘undo’ training that clearly hasn’t started yet (the waiting line) , the game gives you a warning you’ll lose resources. Duh, hams can’t be stored again. BUT: you’ll lose your recruits too! Even if there’s more than enough space to house them.
Same goes for crafting items. If the hams can’t be refunded, your ingredients are gone too.
If the hams can be refunded. You’ll get everything else too.
I was shifting tc13 around and it cost me 70 recruits. / tried it on some minor potion too, just to see what would happen.

All or nothing… seems weird.


I know, weird right? I posted the same message, but I was assured it is working as intended. I do think the warning should clearly state you won’t get anything back. Still think it is annoying, but whenever I am full on food, I will just use it to craft item I don’t need to get enough space. And I never ever click on the go ahead button when I get that warning. :wink::grinning:


I also think this should be changed. If I want to recover a crap ton of food from 5days of queued training, and am willing to lose the recruits, I should get the food back.