All New Raid Index with Updated Heroes🏆 August 2020 - Thoughts & Discussion

:rofl: no, it’s unlikely Occam had the pleasure or otherwise of playing this game.

Sure, I’d like more comprehensive data to complement this win rate statistic, but without, it still makes sense to me. I don’t understand how this simple top 5 list could be in any way nefarious.

SGG communicates so rarely, it would be a mistake not to look for the reasons they’re doing so now.

Okay, I’ll chomp.

What are they up to with this statistic?

Do you really want to go there?


Or more like do you really want the thread to stay there? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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with only the results and not the full picture this is just marketing data :slight_smile:

a more interesting way to spend your time about other strange data: are you a curios :smiley_cat:?

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Yep, Critical Thinking 101: When someone intentionally provides you with only a partial truth, you should be more interested in what’s missing and why.

I kinda do :rofl:

I guess I’m a bit of a masochist…

What’s missing and why?

Come on. You’ve made repeated suggestions but not elaborated when asked.

Thanks for the explanation.

But what advantages shall this statistic give?

I asked SG to publish winrate stats more than 2 years ago when Guin was truly OP in her time. @Brobb said SG had no obligation to share the info and he/she was right. (Are you still playing?) But looks like they released some a year ago and just recently started releasing some info again. They should do this more often and get more community feedback.

Finley imo is just crazy strong. People stack more often than not and elemental link gives Finley too much destructive power. His anti-buff effect even works on attack up war buff last time I saw it in action.

Looks like the rare heroes will always dominate these charts. The rarity gives them less use cases.

Another factor that may be affecting the numbers is that people who have these top heroes, especially those who chased them are the ones with multiple lvl 29 or 30 troops too.

@KiraSG @Rigs
I am so forgetful that I forgot to say that winrates are quite useless you publish the use rates too. Heroes with very high use and win rates most likely need a nerf.

  • benefit of each additional talent tree level (e.g., +1 fighters have a win rate A% higher than +0 fighters, and +2 are B% higher than that, etc)
  • actual data for the top 15 heroes on defense. Not just rankings, but wins & total matches
  • win rates of various troops at various levels of advancements (i.e., win rates for L1,5,10,15,20,25,30 crit, mana, ninja troops)
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Yes, all of this would be great too.

The Raid Defence Index is my favourite topic so far on these forums. i check back regularly to see if there’s an update. Would love to see an updated version. Is Jabberwock still king? Perhaps it’s Bera, Frigg, Odin, Kaliden Costume or maybe Finley is now top dog? Would love to know!

But yes, I’m glad MuaddibMcfly bumped this topic with some new ideas as well, as I’ve been dying to see more of this data for defence teams. For heroes, for troops, for talent trees, anything. But especially heroes above all else.

Thanks and glad to be here!

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