All New Raid Index with Updated Heroes🏆 August 2020 - Thoughts & Discussion

This topic is to discuss the new Raids Index we just have published here:

Some questions to ponder:

  • What do you think of the top-performing heroes? :thinking:
  • Any feedback on the infographic itself? Would you like to see more of these in the future? What kind of game statistics would you like to see? :spiral_notepad:

Let the discussion begin!


this just makes sense if UI just considers the remaining alive heroes…
If it takes in consideration the full team 90% + of those teams have Telluria as tank, but she was killed before the end of raid…


Where is Telluria? And gravemaker? Is Kadilen worth of that place? :thinking:


About the second question, yes i want and i need more of theses in the future.
But it would be nice to know what criteria was used…
Lady loki is great, but how many players have her full? the sample of raids were she was used is for sure pretty low(compared to many other heroes), and the ones who haver maxed/emblemed have a great rooster for sure, so small sample when compared with other heroes and considering that the ones who are able to use her are deep-bench players is kind of misleading.

as i said it would be nice to know the criteria used…


I think they don’t count dead/alive heroes in the end of raid, but it’s just given the rarity (and quality) of top 5 heroes - with exception to Vela all are event heroes only.

As an example assume defense similar to this:
Obakan Richard Telluria Khagan Joon

It’s Diamond defense for sure, but it will get around 50 % win rate. So Telluria gets a lot of losses here.

If we use some of mentioned event heroes like:
Finley Gravemaker Telluria Vela Killhare

You’ll get top defense with high win rate so all those event heroes gets high % - same as Telluria, but her % will get down on worse defenses.

So that’s most likely the reason why she’s not in top 5. It’s interesting to find Vela here tho.

So if @KiraSG wanted to give us some useful information it’d need to:

  • say occurrence of each hero and
  • it would be nice to extend it to more than 5 heroes

But it’d be hard to fit it to cool infographic like this one. The current “stats” are nice, but almost useless.

But hey, Finley is in portal in-game now and he’s in top 5 defenders, go get him right away! /s


It used win rate

Which is wins/total attacks or defenses

So yes most teams probly had telluria

But the other heroes are not as common, therefore had smaller totals which allowed for wins to make up a bigger % or ratio

Same with attack hence u see newer heroes like loki and costumed magni there and costumed kadilen and gazelle

But not zim, grazul, mits, etc

The more a hero is used, the harder it is to have a higher win rate than other heroes that are used less

Hence how boss wolf had best win rate in last review


Yeah was forgetting about that…
Thx for pointing it, anyway more data is needed imo.


I like the data and for those curious how often each of those defending heroes are used in the top 100, they can go to

The data @KiraSG provided is something that players can’t readily guesstimate or reproduce or track though

But as others mentioned it would be interesting to see totals

Number of successes out of total number of attacks or defenses would help people see why some of the more common/popular heroes aren’t in the list

And maybe there’s a better way to go about it than win rate like which heroes were used in the most offense & defense teams, and out of those heroes which were involved in the most successes

Or use win rates but cap all heroes to the same # of attempts


I get Vela being there but Jabberwock and Killhare is a bit of a surprise. Probably cause they are harder to get.

But yeah I get the whole idea that the more used a hero is the less likely they can make it to the top as @rigs said


Kadilen White outfit … She is amazing



I didnt read your post before i made my posts

Didn’t realize I’d be sayin what you already said

Great minds i guess


After my initial surprise at not seeing Telly on this list, I think this makes a lot of sense as to why.

Where I’m struggling is explaining the results for the attack teams.

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If this is an average of wins out of the total survey May-July how is Lady Loki even in the mix when she was released very end of July?

Something seems off about the methodology.


It’s been explained

She’s been used in a smaller sample set of attacks than other reds

Therefore not unimaginable for her to have a higher win rate even with less wins due to being involved in less attacks

600/1000 is a lower win % than 70/100 for example

While it is good to know that these heroes have performed well, it’s important to realize that it is highly dependent on who else is on the team.

I think defense victories has more to do with the tank and overall team synergy than the occurrence of each individual hero. For example, if you just had a team with Jabber, Finley, Killhare, White Rabbit, and Vela, you wouldn’t necessarily have the highest defense win rate.

The same thing goes for the top attacking heroes. It depends on who else is on the attack team. If you just put C.Magni, C.Kadlien, C.Sartana, G.Gazelle, and Lady Loki on a team, it wouldn’t necessarily be a high victory percentage attack team.


What was the criteria used to choose these heroes? Without knowing the criteria used, it is almost impossible to give an opinion on this list, which seems to me meaningless.


@KiraSG please explain to us what criteria were used to create this rating? :pray:

Exactly Lady Loki is released recently and very few people got her. I don’t know on what basis they have given this index

There’s your criteria guys…

@ArktikaTF @Dessertrose @Kenzo361

A win rate or win ratio is number of wins divided by total attempts

So newer or less common heroes who aren’t used as much, have a smaller total, therefore bit easier to have a higher win rate

490 wins out of 1000 attacks will have a lower winrate than 30 wins out of 50 attacks for example

Idk the exact figures of each of those heroes, just given you an example of how some of the more commonly see heroes didn’t make the cut and other heroes that are pretty new or have smaller data samples did make the cut


I like this, thank you! Think we could get longer lists in the future?

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