All members in alliance are [Ex-member] in titan top attackers

So twice this week since the latest update, i went to hit the titan with my alliance and everyone in top attackers shows up as ‘[Ex-member].’ I restart my app (iOS 14.3) and everything is normal.

Maybe this is just a connection error? partial screenshot of titan attack board:

Anyone else seen something like this?

Been getting visual bugs on Titans like that for ages. Doesn’t affect play credit or loot awarded.


ok, thanks @sft1965 . in many months of playing this is a first for me. like i said, guessing connection error the app otherwise didn’t catch? multiple occurrences and didn’t find anything in search, so…

Well I never reported it because it wasn’t that much of a deal to me and “no one else had complained” so I saw your post and commented. Only been happening since I joined a new alliance 5 months ago.

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Yes, not a big deal, restart clears it - usually. Just seems to have started after v35 though for me. will poll alliance mates and see how many (if any but me) got the same thing. just got it twice in two days and then twice in a row even after a restart.

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got it again right after i responded:

no response from alliance mates yet. :man_shrugging:

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This is a reoccurring visual glitch. It still stops my heart everytime I see it though.


This has been happening for at least 3 years. It is only a visual glitch and will resolve itself. Just ignore it.

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