All levels welcome! Backwards Players

All levels welcome!

Alliance: Backwards Players
Members: 29/30
Required Trophies: 600
Titan level: 8*

A lot of these alliance recruitment posts are looking for top max level players. Not us!

International group from all over. Looking for players that enjoy the game and are competitive. We have a strong core that’s been playing for a couple years in the same alliance. Everyday players and all levels welcome.

Good chats for advice and support. Discord available also. Our top player hit 6 in the global ranks and #1 in Australia.

Tell them hozilla sent you :wink: Let’s kill some titans!

Bump! Got a few more recruits. Could use a couple more :slight_smile:

Bump! Getting stronger. come join us :slight_smile:

bump! still openings

Bump! Got a couple new openings

Bump! gained a couple lost a couple. 2 spots available.

I am currently at level 30 and team power of 3K. Please let me know if I am eligible to join your alliance.

Thanks and much appreciated your support

Of course! Search for team name and join the fun. :slight_smile:

reached a 9* titan but need more help. Join us as we climb the ranks.

bump! stopping searching from new alliances and join ours :panda_face:

Open spot available.

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