All KICKED from alliance, alliance promotions - Be careful

Ok so this happened, been in an alliance 265 days. Our war opponent today is scratching their heads when they now look at the board; alliance of 27 is now alliance of 7 and our entire board is filled with “ex-members” because one member must have had a manaic episode. He / She joined about 6 weeks ago, was a strong player, asked for promotion to Elder. He/she was quite competitive and wanted to kick non-titan participants (they were playing their war flags). The general ferl of the group - play for fun, get stronger, win 70% of the time. The new-elder-member just kick every single member off the alliance and then exited.

Cry or laugh it is just insane!!! Just be careful of players wanting control without earning it first in the alliance.

We now looking for string players of 600 or more cups as our kicked members will not know what happened and why they were kicked.


Ugh. So sorry to hear this. Maybe put a message in the banner encouraging them to come back… did y’all use line?

Not sure why people have to do that… :pensive:


Player asking for promotion is a sign not to give the person the promotion


Hindsight yes agree now - strange types in this world of ours


Some people were friends they will return.

Interested to hear from moderator if there is some kind of tracking that this player could be banned. (Off forum, that is) Its possible the person wakes up and goes on line and wonders what happened to the alliance and why he/she not in the alliance no more; will not remember they were the cause!

I almost feel sorry for them that they have this type of abnormal emotional behavior.


Unfortunately not really… One can take screenshots & report the user to the SGG support team but no real way of “Tracking”


Post needs approval? :rofl:

Sorry for that bad experience,
… Ban for what?
… Did he violate a rule?

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Some of my alliance and a friend of other alliance already warned a name of this, maybe I will try a guess that their nick name is started with J and ending with S?
What I would suggest for my neighberhood/friend alliance is just do not give an Elder Promotion to unknown, and especially if they say they are asking to be elder.

Asking to be promoted is very suspicious right?


Not sure of rules perhaps you can post the link to these rules; we are not destroyed; it was their bad, only sharing the experience so others don’t make similar innocent mistake - we game on.


Personally, I would get someone to nip out from your alliance to follow this new player to whichever new alliance they have joined and warn the leadership team of what they have just done. That should make them think twice


TBH I wouldn’t promote anyone that asked for it, especially if their reason was to kick people.

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I suggest requiring LINE or some other chat program so if someone goes bonkers you can reunite. Besides, Line is a lot better than alliance chat in-game.


:frowning_face: Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I have heard of such situation before and it’s disturbing that people do that to the other members. As a leader, I believe that any promotion needs to be well earned and deserved. I’ve only recently promoted some of my members as elders , after them being in the alliance 1+ year. I won’t give a promotion to a new player, no matter how strong he/she is or especially when he/she asks for it( that’s a red flag for me).I care for all my members, old or new …and I wouldn’t want them to get kicked out for no reasons other than not being a team player and not following the alliance rules. And as other people mentioned before, Line app is a great way of keeping in touch with your players in cases like this or emergencies.
Good luck and I hope you will be able to get some of your members back!


They would keep changing name

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Please, how do you follow a player? We needed to do this but didn’t know how to track them.

From what I understand it’s only really possible if the player that left used the alliance chat. If their last message is still viewable you could check their profile to see if they’re in a new alliance.

I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that players can be blocked even if they change their ingame name.


You use to be able to block a player and follow them that way… I’m pretty sure they changed this a few updates ago.


We had a similar situation a few months ago. A new member joined and he was really really competitive (even though our alliance description stated that we’re more casual). He started calling out players for not hitting the titan when online or attacking weaker teams in war (e.g a level 40 player taking on a 4* team). He was kindly ask to calm down, when it didn’t work a co-leader kicked him out.


In one case when people left the alliance it was still possible to see their profile from their last chat. They weren’t blocked. So I’m sure that way of following someone is still possible.

Blocking them afterwards, if that was the intent (especially for this thread’s purposes), and not seeing their profile would make sense as per the update notes you linked.


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