All I See is Red

Hello all!

Looking for some direction in my reds.

I have the rings and figured BK for tank or left flank but I feel like that throws off things with Tell? Don’t have a purple 5* so I’ve been running Poseidon and Neith or Sabina+15. My war defense is Poseidon/Sabina, Santa, Arthur, Tell, Neith. If I put BK in am I too passive? I’m second guessing myself cause of Mitsu. Hoping for Kage or Clarissa in May.

Jf is probably best for your defense, but even so, id still go with bk because hes awesome. Then mitsuko and finally come back to jf after.

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For defense, Black Knight definitely at left flank. Honestly, I would move Arthur to Right Flank and your sniper, Poseidon, to Right Wing because snipers do better on the wings. You’ll typically see your single-target sharpshooters like Lianna, Marjana, Magni, or Joon on the wings. Do you have a good Seshat or Sartana to toss in at Left Wing? Edit: Nevermind. I just realized you said you didn’t have a 5-star Dark. Do you have a Proteus you can ascend and place in Left Wing? Hs will be ideal defensively, if you don’t have a 5* Dark. And once you level BK, I’d consider turning my attention to Mitsuko and place her at Right Wing and Poseidon in Left Wing. If someone tries to stack Ice on you to eliminate BK or Mitsu, they run the risk of running into Mitsu’s Ice reflect. Then, you still have Telluria healing with meat shields.

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Black Knight is awesome on defense and is great alongside Telluria. I don’t have him, but he should be superb on offense as well. He should certainly be your priority out of your options.

Following that, Mitsuko or JF could be a worthy next choice. Mitsuko is excellent for raid and war offense, but is very poor for titans. JF is ok all around, but doesn’t start to shine until you have a good number of emblems on him and his DOT starts doing real damage. Mitsuko is one of the best sorcerers, but her blue reflect and base tankiness mean she doesn’t actually need emblems to be useful.

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In my honest opinion, it would have to be Black Knight first then Mitsuko.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Don’t prioritize defence… Attack gets you more mats, defence doesn’t.

Having said that, BK is one of the best support hero’s on attack, he should definitely get those rings.
He’ll go on defence too (left flank) but that’s not the reason you pick him.


What would yall do for a war team with a blue tank? Run Arthur tank, BK left flank, Tell right flank, poseidon on a wing and then someone from my roster on another wing.

I can see where both can be handy… Mitsu would certainly help with Tell and Vela lineups in raid attacks and I could run her on defense as well… But BK is BK… I know he will do well on defense and can be useful on event teams!

Thanks for all the advice! Still working through the decision.

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