All I can say is LOL

Well… The picture says it all… :joy::joy::see_no_evil: That’s it for a while. Not interested in summoning anymore. Got Azar. Gormek is new for me. How is he??

And my other question is keep or feed. I have 4 Azar, 2 Hawkmoon, 3 Nashgar, 2 Ishtaak and 3 Jahangir (red I have already Boldie and Colen) (green Berden, Brienne, Kash, Mel) and accidently pulled Neith :see_no_evil:

Sorry to hear about Neith… you were on a nice roll there :grin:

Gormak is a good solid 4 star. Very useful for a very long time. I still use him after 2+ years on one of my war teams. Eventually you’ll get even better heroes to replace him but in my opinion you can’t go wrong maxing him.

Wait for the game experts to advise you though on who you should be leveling up first from your other choices.


:joy::joy::joy: Yes I wasn’t even hoping for her.
And for Gormak, thank you! That’s all I needed to know. He is totally new to me.
And really happy about Azar. And yes let’s see what the rest says. How many Nashgars and all the others I pulled should I keep. For Kiril there is no limit.


Well, you make do with you get, :smiley:

Gormek is good. I finally brought him to final ascension a couple weeks ago, and have been slowly leveling him.

I’d say keep one each of every three star hero. I recently pulled Azar but forgot I didn’t have her and fed away to Gormek :roll_eyes: Now I play the waiting game for a three star. Melendorkus is good for much of the game, he was one of the first fully ascended heroes I had.

You’ve got some solid four stars! And so dang fine three stars.


Neith is amazing… why the long face?


I’ve been playing for almost a year and all I can pull are low 3* characters… I’ve managed to build 1 team of 4* characters except for a Blue 4*.

I’m starting to suspect the algorithm for dispensing characters of elemental or seasonal summons need tweaking because Ive been getting nothing but 3* characters.

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Gormek is like the 4* king of health. Very useful early on.

Wilbur does his job better though. Ascend Gormek I reckon for now

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@Ljiljana You pulled heroes using a x10 red elementals and was able to get Neith as a lucky draw, along with Gormek.

Gormek maxed will be useful as a viable tank due to his high health early on until when you get a better hero to serve as tank. You may also want to max Boldtusk to serve as tank in lieu of Gormek. Colen has high attack and may serve early on against titans and for stacking with your other red 4 star heroes. Among the 3, I suggest maxing either Gormek or Boldtusk first, depending on who you are making as tank, followed lastly by Colen. Do this only when you have 3-4 rainbow teams of maxed 3 star heroes, especially if you cannot ascend to the final tier BT or Gormek.

Among your 3 star fire heroes, maxing 3 Nashgars (unless you get 3-4 Namahages in Atlantis), 2 Jahangirs and Hawkmoon will be useful for 3 star raid tournaments, removing Hawkmoon if it is going to be a Bloody Battle where healing and reviving dead heroes are not available.

For your greens, Brienne and Berden (the latter is surpassed by Hisan from the Sand Event or by Mnesseus from Atlantis) are good for 3 star raid tourneys. Brienne increases the attack rate of all your heroes when her skill is activated. Kashhrek is a fine tank who has better defense and health than some of the 5 star heroes but his only purpose is to serve purely as tank as he his skills involve healing to himself and nearby allies, including elemental defense against red attacks. Melendor is a better healer as he heals all, has high attack (good for titans) and dispels enemy buffs but is squishy.

You cannot get wrong maxing Kiril as he is a walking Dragon Banner when kept alive and skill active.

Try feeding same colored heroes since it is food efficient. Level heroes of each element one at a time, pausing only if you lacked the ascension materials or stopping when they reached max level.


@EMP1 thank you! :blush: Yes I was lucky with my Heroes. Yeap Mel helped me as well very much. I always wanted Azar and I am so hoping for Kelile and Scarlett. Marjana and Azlar hopefully one day…

@Halifax :joy: that wasn’t a long face that was like uuuuups and sorry for everyone who can’t have her. I wasn’t hoping for her. Yes indeed she is great. Tried her yesterday after I saw a post about the frost March. She survived even at lvl 1 she is awesome. Had her on the right wing to be safe and it was fine. She survived all the way.


Thank you :blush: I heard good things about him. I will try him out these days.

I thought so too. But it’s all luck… I gave up wishing and hoping I just summon and think to myself oh well I get what I get. And baaam unespected good heroes happen.

Boldie first he is almost done. I love him. I have him for a while already. Gormek is new to me. And I started leveling Colen. Should I skip and continue with Gormek?

Yes this is true Kash and Boldie always with me. Kash is always the last man standing. But he dies too no doubt.
And Melendor is great but I replaced him with Kingston. But Mel is still in use. What you mean by squishy??

Yes indeed I have 2 Kirils he does a great job with Titans. Thought people overact over him but it’s true.

What about Azar you didn’t mention her?

And thank you very much for the effort and your opinion.

Then finish maxing Boldtusk if you have the hidden blades. Afterwards, max Gormek and then Colen. All three are good against green titans until a better fire hero appears (Wilbur, Scarlett, Guardian Falcon and some 5 star red heroes). Max one hero at a time until they ascend and max or when you are stumped due to lack of ascension materials. It is advisable you feed same colored heroes until you are at a level when you can afford to power level a specific hero. Once you maxed these 3, you may start experimenting on stacking, a guide of which is available in several posts around here but you will have to search for it or visit some YouTube channels with raiding or attacking in wars involved.

Melendor is a great healer and dispeller with high attack stat but is SQUISHY (a term used to define a hero that is easy to kill due to its low defense and/or health compared to other heroes of the same number of stars).

As to your Kirils, you must max at least one. Max the other for a second blue team for war depth.

As for Azar, she is basically a feeder hero unless you don’t have any other better heroes. For 3 star fire heroes, the following are a keeper: Bauchan, Rodulph, Jahangir, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon and Nashgar, among others. There are players with 5 Namahages or 5 Nashgars or 5 Rodulphs used for getting high points during certain events in the Rare tier, as well as for raid tourneys needing 3 star heroes.

Have a blessed day.

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Aaaaah okay! Got it and yes he dies fast…

I started playing again S1 and S2 and trying all the heroes and looking what combinations of Heroes is good together. And plus farming fodder, troops and material. Because until my heroes aren’t stronger, S1 province 20 and S2 province 5 is becoming too hard for me. That’s why I started all over again until my heroes are stronger.
Azar I keep one in case.

Thanks again for your effort and have a blessed day yourself.

@Ljiljana Nice pull on Neith! She may sound like ugh on paper but imo, she has all 3 useful traits in a special AND she affects everybody. Anyway, as for Azar, keep at least two of her because for raiding and the like, mana control is important. And you got Gormek! He is still the last pulverizer bro I need but still eludes me. He has the most health out of all the three Pulverizer bros. I still think either he or Grimm should have been made a fighter to at least keep variety in the specials.

As for everyone else, keep at least one of each for the sake of variety.

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I’m still using Azar in my main acc from time to time - her mana cut can be very useful. So I’d keep at least one.

Kiril is my favourite healer so far, besides Rigard. I keep 3 of each^^ Have one Kiril +10, one +1, one is almost at 3/60. He’s sturdy enough (Rigard too). Compared to Melendor…I just don’t like that green squishy wizard, he’s almost always dead before he can heal anyone. The only thing I like of him is, that he doesn’t hurt himself with dispel on riposte. When I don’t go against riposte, Sonya or Caedmon are my dispellers of choice. But I’d recommend maxing at least one.


Yes right. I am in love with Kingston but now Neith has a small lead because of that. I love working with Balthazar, Bane, Kash, Boldie and Kingston in one team. If I need it dirty I’ll replace Kash with her or Kingston. And I think Kash, Kings, Colen, Tibs and Neith be a great team too.

I have 2 Nashgars, 2 Jahangirs and Hawkmoon I think one is enough? And 2 Kirils. Azar I guess I keep 2 if not even all 4 don’t know she kinda turns me on. I like her.

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True! I used to love him but yes compared to others he dies fast. But he is great when he heals.

@Ljiljana Having 2 Kirils doesn’t hurt and it helps to build your roster depth for the Alliance Wars. I would say focus on maxing one first then shelve the other one for now until you have variety in your ice roster.

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