All heroes should fire special when dying


I 'd like to exchange some thoughts.

How many times does it happen… nice move and 3 heroes can fire. You can’t fire them because your enemy gets all his specials and kills 2 heroes.

Would it be great if all heroes can fire their special whilst dying (if it’s full of course.) or is this a very bad idea? I just read some heroes had that capability. All heroes should have them. Or…

Please your thoughts about this


It would wreak havoc on game balance. Also, this is a turn-based(-ish) game. Would you also like enemy heroes to fire before dying, even out of their turn, so you lose your battle…? Just think of all those raids you barely survive - how many of those would you lose, just because the last standing enemy managed to drag you with them in death? :wink:


Also, and maybe I’m just tired - which heroes fire their special when dying?


Heroes on defense can fire their specials even if they’re practically dead, so they’ve DoT on themselves, it shows they’ve 0 hp left, but before they depart, they manage to fire special. I’ve lost so many raids due to this feature:-)


That’s because the DoT damage is inflicted last on enemies turn, and they fire, well, first on their turn. So they are not practically dead. But it’s stupid to show 0 as current HP in these situations, it’s the same when there’s a heal incoming - shows up before.


I personally don’t like this idea in both defending or attacking.
Kill the hero right before he shoot his special is part of the strategy and the fun of the game.

Now think you have a last standing alberich with full mana.
Killing him or not has the same chance of reviving the entire team.



I think he should also be able to revive himself in that case! :grin: