All heroes maxed out - throw some away!

2 years into this game. 6 war teams all 5*. One rainbow and 5 monochromatic. At some point i see myself having all my 5* heroes (duplicates included) maxed out. Why should I add more heroes when I really want to throw some heroes away.
How the ability to trash some heroes instead of adding more hero capacity? I have 115 hero capacity already.

You can…? Just feed them to another hero?

Hell, feeding them to Aife is kinda the definition of “throwing them away”


You don’t keep any 3 or 4* heros for events and tourneys?

I’m just over a year in and I have 200 hero slots and it’s incredibly tight!

Why would you max a hero you’re never going to use?

Now we have ninja tower maxed 5 star heroes not in war teams come in handy for those middle floors also to fill in for your top heroes when the curse stones get them. Also need options in trial teams 30 maxed 5 star isn’t enough now.

Agree, I think I have 200 myself… it’s not incredibly tight for me, but 115 would be far too few. And I’ve only got 17 maxed 5s.

I have about 25 5* dupes which is a problem. If they develop a solution to trade for emblems or something else I’ll be in better shape. In the meantime just slowly using HA10 to make less dupes

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