All green defense team

I have a bunch of shields and a couple fully ascended 4* green, thinking about doing something fun. In order; Caedmon, Melendor, Kashrek, Little john, Caedmon. Thoughts?

I did this a long time ago to drop cups and that is exactly what happened. I did it in every color and using both 4 and 5* heroes. I did win some battles surprisingly. People will simply color stack against you and do massive damage against your Nature heroes.

It would not take much. Scarlett, Falcon Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Caedmon would make short work of that team.

What I found to be more fun was putting up a “theme” team. I have all of the Pirates and all of the Guardians heroes. So I put them up as my Defense at times. They are not all maxed out, so I still lose cups, but it’s fun.

I kind of think if they don’t get many red tiles and they can’t charge their specials, Te all green team would do alright lol

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If kashrek special charges faster than the attacking red team, it’s kind of an uphill battle for them at that point

Try it out and see what happens :slight_smile:

My money is on you loosing cups, but cups can be regained quickly so it doeant really matter.

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They don’t need lots of red tiles. If someone attacks with 5 reds then at worst case (for you) 2 tiles is enough to kill one of your heroes, even with kasshrek up one 3 match should kill one of your heroes.

Like others said, it will probably lose a lot if you are atleast in platinum.

You don’t really need that many red tiles. Most people in the top 100 raid this way. 3-1-1 or 3-2 or 4-1.

Have fun with it if you aren’t precious about cups, but I would attack that team every time. Even just adding a 3* red to my Scarlett and Colen would burn through that in a handful of tiles

Solid color defense teams are for cup dropping.