All excited about upcoming war

LMAO @ match making
We have 3 players OVER 1700 cups and one of them is 2000.
They have 8 players over 1700 cups and four of them over 2000.
We have 19 players UNDER 900 cups.
They have 8 players under 900 cups.
Our Trophy score is 19932. Titan score is 29174.
Their trophy score is 28284. Titan score is 37326.
Our score is 49106.
Theirs is 65610.
WOW sounds real fair.
PLEASE SGG PLEASE tell me how this is possible.

What is the actual war score?

Is this your alliance war score?

war score is us 145138. them 142861

I wonder if this is because there are less and less active Alliances available these days in comparison to before. Obviously the more alliances there are the more likely it is to find similar ranked opponents, however, if there are less, then it is quite less likely. I don’t think you will hear from SGG. I really do wish we knew how many active Alliances do exist in this game vs before.

i know what you me and I agree
I wonder how many PHANTOM players and alliances there are also

And PLEASE do not get me wrong I DO LOVE this game

Or about 1.5% difference. Slightly more than the chance to get a HoTM ;-).

Seriously, it will be interesting to hear if all of their players have opted in and then hear the outcome of the war. For whatever reason we have faced teams that have only used about 60% of their flags, and on paper should have killed us but we won due to their low participation.

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I WILL report the final results.

The results are as follows
We had 2 players (weak) not use flags (will be booted)
They had 1 player not use flags (also weak)
We ended up having 13 flags.
They ended up with 31 flags.
We scored 2687 points
They scored 3285 points
Our #1 attacker scored 317 points
Their #1 scored 336
We had 4 of the top 10 scorers
We had 6 of the bottom 10 scorers.
So just as I had figured we got squashed.

These complaints are getting old…literally all you have to do is read


Yeah, 600 points is a bit of a crush. In the old matching system I saw over 1000 points a few times, but haven’t heard of a 1000 point gap with this one.

Sorry this war was a bust for you. Typically they end up with better matches. Out of curiosity, did you enter this war on a winning streak?

Rigs I have read that junk.
And as far as I know there is not many people who buy that line either.
Same as its funny a 5 year old can walk by and say " Grandpa I know what color you do not have up". But they say there is nothing coded in to make more of the down color tiles show up.

We have now lost 3 of last 4 and 2 in a row

But we WILL keep plugging away.
LOL this game grabs you and keeps you going

That sheet is directly quoted from devs. Can also be found in game when you click the ? Next to your alliance’s war score.

Accuse one of lying, scream disbelief in things they have already said or answered, why would they even take the time to respond to you?

LOL they probably will not. “why would they even take the time to respond to you?”
I am glad you trust all you are told.
But I am sorry I do not.
I do know that sheet and I am aware where it is. Thank You for telling me though.
I do KNOW you do try and help people.
But I have found it a lot safer to believe nothing you are told and only half of what you see.
I know it dont sound like it, but again i do love the game.
And again Thank You for the help.

I understand. If you read some of my older posts, you’ll see a lot of skepticism on my end as well. “They” referred to devs responding to you, players will respond to anything. I’m skeptical about a few things in this game, but without any kind of proof it hasn’t done any good to mention it or bring it up. Tinfoil hat plots can be interesting discussions, but always go sideways at some point.

You’ll have better luck gathering data and info to try to prove flaws in matchmaking rather than get any real answers. If they are lying, they wont tell you. If accused of lying, they figure anything they tell you will meet the same accusations. Therefore data collecting then debating/discussing is the #1 option

Anyways have fun


The only way to trust someone, is to trust them first! Have faith that SGG acts and publishes with full honesty. If you doubt that then try to collect hard evidence for it, just as @Rigs said.

Proving the opposite will lead to more believers of your point of view. Trying to prove the opposite, but finding out that it has always been the truth, will give you a better feeling also. Besides that, people will appreciate the effort as the results are useful either way.

Not trying to come up with hard evidence, but making accusations based on ‘‘nada’’ does make someone look a little silly in my opinion. :hugs:

A very wise lesson, I usually take this in mind during real life situations also. That, until it has been proven differently.

However, believing half of what you see leads to the question:

“Do I see what is really happening or do I see what I want to see?”

I believe that more often it is the latter. That is because I will say this:

It has been proven multiple times, based on my feelings (I don’t have hard evidence and I’m too lazy to count the topics and scroll through them), that the match-making of alliance wars has been improved. For a lot of alliances. It has also been proven multiple times, based on my feelings, that the fix does not work as well as for every alliance.

What I would conclude is that it’s still work in progress and that time will bring more balance in all of the matchmaking results, but already does for a bigger part of the alliances than before! Based on what I read and my experiences and in believing that SG acts with honesty.

Very GREAT points you made.
It IS better than it was. NO DOUBT.
It WILL get better. NO DOUBT.

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