All Countersttacks are OFF


So, if you have a hero with a counterattack, consider them useless with this new update. Evidently the counterattack function is null and void until the next update… so Boril, Cyprian, Obaken, Elaina, Wolf… all useless. I’ve lost raids, and won them also, because of this. That’s a HUGE bug. Please fix this soon or offer some sort of compensation.


Evidently you also don’t take the time to even glance at already created topics before posting. :wink:


Cyprian is a beast and has won me countless raids, not liking this.


Yes, I have read them. And posted on them. But I’ve seen countless individual topics but not one talking about ALLL HEROES. Are you mad :joy::joy::joy:


I droped from Diamond to Platinum
And with this lasting more I will be droping to Gold.
I got my team based on x2 Boril.
All this hard working will be gone cause a stupid bug.
Problem is if I kept droping on cups I will be removed from my ALLIANCE … for some thing non of my fault.
Thanks Devs and SG


Just to be clear: you have already “read” and “posted” in threads about this issue, right? So you already know exactly how widespread this problem is, what has caused it (as explained by SG) and exactly how it will be fixed.

So what’s this thread for?


Do you have the possibility to set up another defence team? That would probably be a good idea until this issue get fixed.

Also, if your alliance is pinning this on you, you’re better off without them. :wink:


I have not seen a fix at all. All I’m reading is that the counterattack was turned off for the hero If he died on the attack. However, this is not the case as the counterattack function does not work at all. Regardless. Why don’t you post something helpful instead of wasting your time questioning my intentions lol.


I’m not using any of my heroes with this function right now. No one is giving me any flak at all. Just trying to be helpful but all these keyboard warriors have to chime in and be cool :sunglasses:


So now we have established that you have not been reading the threads about this issue, despite what you said. If you had, you would know that:

  1. Two separate changes caused the problems you are describing, and
  2. A fix is scheduled for release 15.1.

Why don’t you go read the threads on this subject, to learn what the two changes that caused this problem were, and how the fix will be implemented. Or you could just ask more questions that have already been answered, I suppose.


Your mom must be proud of you. So smart. :joy: and does it seriously bother you that much that I created a new topic on this to encompass the fact that it’s all heroes? Seriously? This game is full of bugs and I’ve been playing since one month since launch. This is a huge one. If you don’t like the thread, why come here and be a jack off about it?


Are you mad :joy::joy::joy:? I’m helping you! Why so sensitive?


Do you mean mad like in ‘angry’ or ‘having a serious mental disorder’? First case scenario: No. Second case scenario: That’s a rather generalized and demeaning designation. Also none of your business. In both cases: Rather irrelevant to this issue and discussion.

It’s a good thing you want to make people aware about this, so cudos for that.

I see that the issue regarding what’s (generally) known has already been addressed by others, so I’ll just stop battling you with my keyboard. Hmm… But please tell me more about this thing you refer to as ‘questioning my intentions’. It’s something others do to you, and not the other way around, I take it. :wink:


Oh great, now I know why I woke up knocked off diamond.
I had boril in the center.


That being said, not every player can be expected to keep themselves updated regarding bugs/issues on the forum (I will abstain from also making any funny reference to OP here, in regards to (not) keeping oneself updated at least on the issue one’s addressing oh my god I did it anyway, didn’t I :grinning: (really, I’m only teasing now)). Even if a bug/issue isn’t deemed serious enough to warrant a hotfix, it could be argued an issue like this would at least warrant an in-game message.

Riposte om boril not working III

I agree with that. Might stop threads like this one spreading like weeds.


But it isn’t a bug. At all. It was deliberate. And will be reversed due to player protest. Which is all quite clear if one reads the threads that already exist…


This issue has already been addressed in other threads. Please do not make duplicate threads. Thank you.