All counterstrikes are not created equal

Pretty short and sweet topic here but I couldn’t find anything relating to this outside beta.

Why did some heroes get their counterstrike buffed and others did not? Counterstrike should be counterstrike.

Pretty dumb imo.

P.S. - thank you for fixing Aegir.

Welcome back!

There always has been some variability in the magnitude (Sumitomo, e.g.) of the riposte-like skills.

I’d be curious to hear why they didn’t buff Boss Wolf and Obakan too, though…


I’m not sure why the perfect riposte heroes had their counter attacks buffed at all. They are fearsome through platinum, which is what you expect out of a good 4 star. their buff and Nat’s buff seemed odd when there are others that is in far greater need of a buff

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Thanks! Good to be back.

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Respectfully, I disagree. Riposte is dispellable. Plus, it only affects a portion of the team (minus Elena). Mel clears it easily. Sonya, caed, etc, can fire on the wings or side that riposte is not active on, and remove the buff.

The only riposte that annoyed me was Sumitomo’s because it was 135% damage. That stung. The other’s felt like a slap on the wrist. I appreciate the buff, as they make me much more wary.


I use this strategy to fight them but I have trouble when they activate riposte while my dispel is far from ready. Can you give me some advice on how to react in that situation?


Sure. I will start with sometimes you do have to blow tiles on them.

Do not fire an AoE until riposte is complete, unless it is zeline, but even then it bites.

Strike the wings/corners with tiles.

If nothing else, try and make a diamond in any color, or pick the biggest cascade of off colors (colors of heroes you didn’t bring to the fight).

Match tiles with your healer or the strongest hero you have. This helps keep everyone alive.

best advice
Try not to let the riposte special fire. Or, if you know it is close, hold your dispeller until after they fire. Holding a special is hard, because that flashy box just makes you want to hit it.

My raids take forever. I am constantly resetting and evaluating each board. My goal is to find the best possible match. So, ghosting tiles and making diamonds are what I aim to do with each move.


Excellent suggestions! Some other thoughts:

  1. Wait to drop major damage until your healer is fully charged and ready

  2. HOTs are great for healing you back up after dropping tile damage, since you can’t cast any specials after dropping tile damage

  3. Mana lock the Riposter if you can (Proteus is ideal here). The last thing you want to do while dropping empty tiles waiting for riposte to be over is to have the riposter charge again.

  4. Remember that the riposte damage stops at the point a protected enemy dies. Attack the lowest-health enemy protected by riposte; they will often die before you do.

  5. Dump tiles into defense-buffing enemies like Vivica. The less damage the enemy takes while Riposting, the less damage they do to you.


Thanks for picking up my slack!


Thanks for posting everyone; it bumps the post - but this isnt a “how to deal with riposte” topic. I guess I am looking for a #MeToo type of support about the “why is riposte dif char to char” stuff…

Everything is counterable, that is the nature of the game. The question is how effective is it when you dont have the counter available. Riposte will kill off your team if it goes off and you dont have a counter.

And it’s even better on offence than defense. My alt in high gold wins many raids due to Boril.