All Attacks Not Showing in Tournaments

I did multiple attacks in the tournament. Won my first and won/lost a few more. I switched over to war and won a couple war attacks. When I checked back on the raid tournament only 1 attack was displayed, my defeats were cleared out and my tournament energy only showed 1 attack being used.

Are you sure you attacked in the tournament and not just the normal raid by mistake? :slight_smile: That might explain the problem :slight_smile:

You can just check the raid log and the tournament log to tally the time of the attacks and see if that really happened. :slight_smile:


I want to add weight to this quote because it actually can happen! There is SO much going on in the game today, and it’s an easy mistake to make.

After fighting my war battles, I went to do the tourney and in putting together my team, I found myself saying “oh, I already used that hero. What? Wait … that was in the war, I’m in the tourney now - oh, right, don’t use those healers.”

One of our players complained that even though she’s been actively playing the game, she missed out on two (of our easier) titans because there is just so much game content right now.


Yes, that is so true. I just woke up today morning… and it was literally a struggle to go through all my war flags, tournament flags AND raid flags. I am just happy that I was successfully able to navigate through this flag jungle with those sleepy eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

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