All about the players (June 2021)

This thread is awesome.

When did you start playing? What is your level?
I started playing in February of 2020, and am currently at level 88

Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
I used to rotate before I got the Godzilla-looking avatar. Waited for a while for it to show up so I could get it.

Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
Candy, because she looks so happy and it an awesome healer.

Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
Caedmon with costume. He hits hard, is fast, and can either cleanse or dispel depending on how you configure him.

Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
Cobalt, because he’s pretty good on defense, and is an offensive beast.

What do you enjoy most about the game?
Most favorite are my alliance-mates, they are awesome. Second favorite is farming. I find the repetitive nature of auto-farming certain levels relaxing.

What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
My best memory of the game is getting my first 100K+ hit on a titan. The board was great and it was all happening so fast that it was like being on a rollercoaster.

Show me your top 5 favourite heroes
It was kinda hard to choose, but I have so much fun using these ones.

What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**
Although the list is fairly extensive, I think the first thing I would like to see happen would be for the completion times for building upgrades to be reduced. I’ve read in the forum where some players have calculated the amount of time needed to fully level some buildings, and the timeframes are insane. Days to weeks, fine. Months to years? A little much for a game.

  1. I passed the tutorial on Oct 26 2019 I am now level 74.

  2. BoldTusk, I rotate the Kirin (lvl 2 boss serpent), and the season 3 troll, and some others sometimes.

  3. Costume Gunnar

  4. Gullinbursti, (Gulli pig)

  5. Black Knight.

  6. Completing objectives, leveling, farming, collecting

  7. After achieving a really tough victory in my first Christmas event, I was a low-level mostly three stars, I had gotten an epic token from winning. I pulled Buddy. Someone in my old alliance jokes that this game completely separates achievement with reward. But that time reward followed achievement.

  8. Frigg, Black Knight, Gullinbursti, Bold Tusk, White Rabbit

  9. More Legendary pulls, this would inflate things, but fives can be hard to come by. After more thought about this I thought this was a bad answer. They should expand the stronghold it’s been a really long time.


@yoyotje Thank you for your detailed response! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I love that you “can name a million things that was my happiest or funniest moment”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@sleepyhead Thank you for your detailed reply. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is Proteus your #1 favourite, before Seshat? :face_with_monocle:

From July 2018 up until November 2020,
Seshat was easily my favourite 5*. She was only “dethroned” by Panther, who I was incredibly lucky to get last November.

I couldn’t believe it when she appeared. :star_struck::star_struck:


And then you put them together and make magic happen!


Nice thread @SamMe.

Mind if I jump in and answer #7 only? The rest I forget anyway.

So, funniest memory.

A heap of players all yakking away in alliance chat (for context: the language was set to something random to allow for the occasional swear word), when the leader, the loveliest most mild mannered lady I ever met, who never used coarse language herself, successfully dropped the C-bomb. **

Cue stunned silence followed by total uproar. Some players commiserating with her, others congratulating her, everyone laughing. She was completely mortified and God only knows what she was trying to type, but it wasn’t that.

Just brilliant stuff.

I then spent the next couple of hours on Line talking her down from quitting the game.

**You probably had to be there to appreciate the situation but it appealed to my sense of humour, and 28 others apparently. Apologies if the post is a bit crass, but it was a funny moment in game. :rofl:


@Dr-Zoidberg I am elated to see you post! I enjoy your posts, as you can see, and I really hope to see you more often :slight_smile: also, found it a funny story and thanks for talking your leader into staying… it was an honest mistake, and apparently nobody was offended :slight_smile: so all good

@SamMe thank you for the read and reply! Hmm but yes, Proteus edges Seshat out as favourite - because I got him first, and because he’s irreplaceable in my roster (if I stack 3/2, Proteus is more likely to come along than Seshat).

She’s a great one eh? Do you use Sesh and Panther together? I bet they make things go explode-y :slight_smile: they’re a great combo. And I bet, congrats again getting Panther, she’s a rare and good one!


@pef Thank you for your detailed response! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think some of the best moments in war, include managing to turn around a poor starting board to pull off a one-shot!

Out of all the minions types, I find Lady of the Lake’s swords minions the coolest. I think it is because she is a rare challenge event hero, and their mana control can be a headache. :rofl:


Thank you for your reply @FraVit93! :+1:

Lucky you getting Wu Kong as your first 4*. You are definitely a fan of Wu Kong with both his avatar, and listing him as one of your top 5 favourite heroes.

I’m sure GM was a nice “birthday gift”, even nicer that you got him from an EHT, and early on when he was the HOTM. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks for your detailed reply @dansing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice to hear that the frequency of Heimdall’s revive works for you.

Wow, it sounds like S3 could be your luckiest summoning portal. :exploding_head:


Thanks for your reply @Radar1. :smile:

Gullin is one of my favourite 4*, and I strongly approve of +15 on yours. :wink: Rigard is also one of my favourite 4* healers. I’ve 6 maxed for wars.

Awesome getting Krampus from a single EHT pull. Guess who I got? Reuben. :rofl: At least he isn’t Salmon Loki.


1.When did you start playing? What is your level?
2017-09-02 - Level 90

2.Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Crystal Fairy. Yes, when I collect one I like, I change it.

3.Who is your 3* favorite? Because?

Kvasir, bees are deadly. Brienne costume, titan.

4.Who is your 4* favorite? Because?

Rigard (I’m 5), pretty solid in both versions.

5.Who is your 5* favorite? Because?

Onyx, versatile and solid

6.What do you like most about the game?

Wars, though sometimes irritating.

7.What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

Travel 300km for dinner with 10 members of the first alliance (some did more).

Funny, every time the broker plots me, and writes what I didn’t write. :rofl:

8.Show me your top 5 favorite heroes.

9.What is the biggest thing you would like to see happen in the game? **

Being able to perform 3 different trainings in the academy of heroes, increase the amount of heroes (maybe to 5) to be able to be transmuting in HA10 (without being able to withdraw). Being able to reset a hero (perhaps every 6 months) and receive the spent materials (except the meat, so you are not asking for too much).
sorry for any error in english :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not quite sure. I have seen 3 SE’s and this Christmas will be more 4th one. So maybe 3.25 years or so. I am level 61.

My current avatar is Cyprian. It has been several things, I mess around with it. Some times in alliance chat I switch avatars every comment so it looks like different people are talking but I am having a conversation with myself. What can I say, I have a weird sense of humor like that. :laughing:

This is tough because I cut back my playing time significantly over a year ago. Due to time constraints I rarely play with my 3’s. Of the current set maybe Grevle. Of the old school group from when I was playing constantly Gan Ju and Rudolph were great for me.

Well … Gretel I guess, but it’s close. Her mana control opened up a lot for me and she is still my best mana controller. Mana control is a cornerstone of a lot of my strategy in quests, etc. because my roster is lacking truthfully.

Lots of other shoutouts though. Most notably probably costume Melendor and Gullinbursti.

Probably Malicna. I was surprised to get her as I wasn’t “trying” to and emblemed her by default. She has been a huge boost to my purples and lot of S3 hard levels as well.

My second would be Glenda. At first she was usable and an asset, but now with tinkering with her more I have some more uses than I thought. Again, wasn’t “trying” to get her.

This changes for me. The alliances I have been in are great. This forum too, although it’s been “down” lately.

In terms of the game itself, I enjoy titans. I think a big plus for me since I took a step back is that when you’re not trying to keep up and you go at your own pace there is a ton of content to keep you busy for a long time. For example I am still working on S3 hard and haven’t started S4. Picking and choosing fun stuff made it enjoyable as opposed to I need to do everything or else I am behind blah, blah, blah.

I think that sort of answers the question … I tried :man_shrugging:.

This one is tough. I think any time I summon a new hero it’s great.

The most joy probably came from alliance milestones and firsts. Seeing my compatriots grow along with me when we started, killing tougher titans with greater ease. Etc. each individual accomplishment became a collective one. There are too many of those individually to count, but I guess that is the sentiment I am chasing in this game.

I will try to remember to edit in pictures, but probably most are my non-vanillas. As a F2P they’re very rare and given how good the non-vanillas have become they make dramatic improvements. These are my favorites, it does NOT mean they are my best. I differentiate best and favorite:

Quintus just because :wink:. Can’t wait for that costume to really bring the pain. If only costume chamber would cooperate.

I recently acquired Seshat so when she is maxed she probably breaks in.

To me the biggest gripe is how many heroes in the game in total are 5’s. Everything is WAY too 5* focused. I would like both more 4’s and, most importantly, more means to obtain non-S1 4’s. They made HA, ToL, etc for 5’s. If I have beat Atlantis or if I want Peters or Lancelot it is almost harder for obtain them than a 5*.

That gets frustrating because these heroes exist, it is just adjusting access. Me having more rare 4’s will certainly not break balance or cause a stir. It will keep me disproportionately more entertained and inclined to keep playing for what is really a negligible cost to them.

Good luck out there!



Great idea! That would suit my multiple personality. :rofl:



I am late to answer but hopefully this will keep this excellent thread alive:

  • When did you start playing? What is your level?

I started at the end of Janury 2020, my level us actual 67.
I have rainbow mana troops, Lvl13 (yellow), lvl16 (blue) and lvl17 ( green, red, purple).
I am working on bringing all to level 17 and a second mana troop to lvl11 in each color.

  • Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

My avatar is the grumpy Boril. I changed it a few times but since I was made alliance leader the other players demanded that I keep my Boril so they see if a post is from me (and has some weight?) or not.

  • Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Easily Bane, because its my (and everyones) first and he accompanied me through most of S1 and the first five or more S2 provinces.

  • Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Its Kelile, because she was my first 4*, helped me beat the Dark Lord and Ursena in both modes.

  • Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

Master Lepus, he is awesome and was my first 5*

  • What do you enjoy most about the game?
    I enjoy raids and wars and summonig a new 5* ( this Happens only once a month per average)

  • What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

I have three happy moments I remember often: first was after one or two weeks in the game, I had only two 3*: Bane and Balthasar from 300 gems, I got Jahangir from a grey token and was elated, starting to ascend him. Only a few days later was the third anniversary of the game and the free EHT got me Kelile. I was very happy. The next big moment was Springvale. With a lot of luck I managed to capture one EHT in the normal mode and this got me Lepus, absolutely game changing.

The third big moment was this February when I completed Valhalla in both modes.
At this time my former Alliance leader had a teampower of roughly 500 points more than me. He urged me to try it but told me he had to use 175 gems. He was not very fond of color stacking, and was very surprised when I managed to best the last stage with Kiril, Richard, Lepus, c.Melendor and Hansel. Using only mana pods, Tornados, Hurricanes and a miracle Scroll - no gems needed.
The summons got me Gefjon and Uraeus…:slight_smile:

  • Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Its my actual defense Team: Lianna, Uraeus, costumed Boldtusk, Sartana and Lepus.

Happy Gaming


It’s NEVER late to share cool experiences about the game ! :grinning:

Congrats on your game journey, as I too started around the same time after Christmas, 2019.

  1. About 1,5 years ago. lvl57
  2. Killhare. Sometimes
  3. I guess Kvasir, because he´s good I think :smiley:
  4. Melendor (with costume bonus), because he´s the most 4* hero I use.
  5. Gravemaker, because he´s very fast and is fun to play.
  6. Winning I enjoy most.
  7. Funniest moments are in bloody battle tournaments when the enemy only has healers.
  8. My top 5 is Melendor (with costume bonus), cRana, Vivica, Roc, cYunan, because I only raid with this constallation and usually win with this constellation.
  9. better pull odds or at least no s1 heros anymore in atlantis, valhalla, underworld, …

When did you start playing? What is your level?
*Around 8 months - level 52

Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
I mainly switch between Tudan and the Blue Trainer Hero . On Holidays I use some of those specific heroes, but only if I already have them in my roster.

Who is your favourite 3? Why?*
Definitely Frosty - it was my first maxed hero and he served me great. He has a very good heal (only 5% less than Rigard) + minions. In the beginning I was using him with Buddy and they had also the family bonus. I emblemed him to +19 and also limit broke him and now he is close to 700 defense and 1100 health, so, not having a deep roster, I even use him as healer in war. He’s great with Frosth. Although I do need rogue emblems for Frigg, I do not see myself taking the emblems from him very soon, especially as he is often in my 3* defense teams.

Runner-ups are Kvasir - everyone loves him so I don’t think an explantion is needed about him and costume Renfeld. If I manage to fire him the first time, more often I manage to win that game.

Who is your favourite 4? Why?*
Costume Rigard. I got him a bit late - after two or three months and he improved my game greatly. He is almost in my every raid team and I always count on his healing and cleanse. I did not manage to get his costume yet and I really wish for that, especially for firing him in 9 tiles (though I also need to get a mana troop first :D).

Runner-ups are Boril, Mist and Gullinbursti. I think Boril was my first maxed 4* and was the one to whom I owe completing S1 after only 3 months. I don’t use him so much anymore, but he is still a good hero to have who helps me for some of the boss stages on seasons maps. Gullinbursti is with Rigard part of my main raid offense team together with either Mist or Wu Kong. I only change her (in my mind it’s a she, not sure why :D) for some of the Holy tanks.

And I should also mention Caedmon, who is one of the best if not the best 4* snipers and his dispell won me a great deal of raids. Actually my favourite raid team is currently Rigard - Frigg - Caedmon - Mist/ Wu Kong - Gullinbursti. I know it’s 2-2-1 and only one 5*, but it has gotten me to diamond :smiley:

Who is your favourite 5? Why?*
It is difficult to name one, I think it’s my defense triumvirate: Black Knight, Cobalt, Frigg. I got BK in a 10 pull a couple of days after I started playing (the Avalon event in December and I got one of the Christmas offers for the pull) and I did not know what treasure I had, as his special did not seem very straight-forward and his 50% change to reduce the damage to 1 seemed low to me :slight_smile:

I started to research on him though and I started to experiment with him, especially since he was my only 5* together with a couple of 4* and 3* for the S1 missions. Next week I pulled Cobalt in a 3 coin-pull from the Ninja tower. After I was being immediatly killed in raids by Boril, his by-pass was WOW to me. I did another 10 pull and got Mica and Jade. Even though I did not have the unfarmable ascension mats, I maxed BK, Cobalt and Mica to 2.60 and they were in my main defense for the first 2 months I think. And on offense, the ninja family bonus dodge saved my ■■■ quite a bit in fights.

I knew that I was going against the advice of most players to ignore the 5*-s until I get a complete team of 3* and 4*, but I don’t regret at all. They helped me to advance very quickly, as their stats were better than those of a 3* and their special skills gave me a tremendous advantage.

I got Frigg three or four months later from a few coin pulls and I was completly surprised and shocked. I never thought I would get her and I was hoping for another hero. I don’t remember which one, but I am quite sure it was not as good.

Because I had the ascension mats to max Frigg, I maxed her quite quickly. BK and Cobalt followed and I kept advancing in the raid arena and I started not to be only cleaner for my alliance :slight_smile:

What do you enjoy most about the game?
Wars - because t combines PvP play, alliance play and involves several different teams and synergies. It’s basically the main content I watch now on E&P, because in tournaments it became boring to see people using the same attack team over and over again.

What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
Well, I guess there were these major turning points - finishing S1 after 3 months and S2 after 6 (on normal), getting in gold arena after 2 or 3 months, then in platinum and finally in diamond. And of course getting some great heroes from 1-3 coin pulls. And the funniest - when I did stuoid things because I did not pay attention to what that hero special was saying. For example in a raid I thought hiding is similar to ghosting and I kept ending tiles into Russula charging her right away.

As I know that it’s a touchy topic, I think that it would be useful to be open about spending. I definitely don’t think one should spend in order to enjoy the game, but for sure it helps with getting better heroes and sometimes mats that help you advance quicker. I have spent on the game between 30 - 70 euro per month (on special offers with coints and gems for pulls. A few of those included also an unfarmable ascension mat).

I know it seems like a lot, but for me it’s a stress reliever and it’s quite less than how much my friends and many other people spend on cigarettes or alcohol. And I would have spent this money on junk food if not on E&P. I am not judging anyone and I agree that it might be stupid to spend so much money on a mobile game, but so is to spend money on many different things (including fancy clothes or uber because you don’t want to use public transport etc). The reality is that actually very few of us are actually wise about their spending habits and I don’t regret that I have spent on this “stupid” game than on (even more) sweets and pizza :smiley: And I will stop when I don’t feel like continuing.

But I would like to highlight that overspending leads to nothing I overspent twice - when Ursena was featured in January and when Alfrike and Bera were featured I think in May. I was missing a really good purple 5* and you know how it is… Overspending didn’t help me absolutly at all. If you are on a bad streak, spending more will not help. And if you are on a good streak, it will not last long, so it’s no point to overspend :slight_smile:

Show me your top 5 favourite heroes - already mentioned them

What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?

I would like to see wars in which all players need to use also 3* or 4* heroes or where you can use only certain classes (like they’re trying to do now with the Tower of Magic). It would be great to see new synergies created in Pvp fights.


Only fair that I play along too

  • When did you start playing? What is your level?

Started playing April 2019, currently level 76

  • Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Typically I use the Parrot avatar with the palm tree pin. I only rotate when I finish an avatar mission so right now it’s crystal fairy.

  • Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

It’s Kvasir & Grevle. Both really are great to raid with, but I don’t use Kvasir to get challenge high scores, and I don’t use Grevle on lower challenge levels because you can survive without a healer

  • Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Proteus is why I was able to finish events earlier that I should have been able to do. Build a few mana pot and the higher level bosses don’t even get to fire. I use Costume Kiril the most from 4* though paired with Skadi.

  • Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

Love my F Words. Freya, Frigg and Fogg. However over all it’s Skadi because with her I can’t lose a battle with a telluria in it. You can get a 5 stack right away after you let Telly fire. Brilliance!

  • What do you enjoy most about the game?

I just love the game. Pulling a hero I want, raiding…looking forward to a challenge. Although just chatting about the game in general with my alliance is the most gratifying. People helped me when I was learning and now I get to pay it forward.

  • What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

What sold this game for me was we were in a really close war. I was up three hours past my bedtime and we had a slight lead with the enemy having one flag left. Basically they needed to knock out the last flag he used and failed. Couldn’t cheer out loud with the Mrs. sleeping next to me but that was did it for me.

  • Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Shoot, I’m not on my phone to take pictures so here’s my rainbow favorite:

Freya-Sif-Frigg-Skadi-Mistuko. All are maxed to 19 or 20 emblems

  • What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**

I really wish the forum didn’t have so much negativity. I like people to speak out, but there are literally players who have quit the game yet come around to spread the “cash grab” every chance they see an opening. No one is going to talk me out of what I like, guess it makes them feel smarter. It’s like breaking up with someone and dropping by over and over to tell them how terrible they are.



Hopefully, my answers can bump up this topic, an awesome one at that :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

I started playing in December 2018, and I’m level 66. I probably should be on a higher level, but I generally can’t be bothered to play any of the seasons. I finished Atlantis, started S3 and S4, but that’s it. I think that the levels are too long, too boring and too drawn out.

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

For a year it was Sonya. I look a little like her, but I changed it somewhere around 2020. to Killhare, and I haven’t changed it since then. I love Killhare’s artwork.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Hmmm, Imma go with Kvasir, he’s my favorite one of the ones I have. I mentioned somewhere that I’ve only recently started working on my 3* (for reference, up until two-three months ago I had only 5 3* heroes leveled, shaaaaame I know) and I’m not at all that familiar with 3* heroes.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Ametrine. I use her every day and she’s my go to dispeler.
Honorary mention goes to turbo pig, Gill. He’s awesome.

  1. Who is your favorite 5*? Why?

Onatel, my beautiful Onatel. She was HOTM in January 2019. and my first 5*. At the time, my fiance broke off our engagement and the game was one of the things that helped me get through the initial shock (that, Vikings and Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse). I love her artwork, I love her special and I love that she’s still so relevant even after 3 years of release.
My second favorite (I know, not fair) is Killhare, but sadly I don’t have her so I suffer in silence.

  1. What do you enjoy the most about the game?

My alliance, definitely. Most of the people in my alliance are Americans and I met two great ladies who have been sending me American peanut butter and plenty of sweets (y’all American food is SO SWEET) when I run out.
Also, I like the thrill I feel when I open the game first thing in the morning. I feel it even after almost 3 and a half years.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

Happiest… Hm. Probably when I pulled Kunchen because, apart from Onatel, Kunchen’s pull I remember and I remember thinking how lucky I am. Those two are great even today and both are on my main defence team (evem though I have “better” yellows and purples, they have their slot).
Funniest was one recent war. I have Kingston in my war defence and the whole board was empty… Except for my Kingston, having 1 HP, hanging by a thread, revived and winning that match. The board looked like that till someone cleaned it, but it was so satisfying.

  1. Show me your top 5 favorite heroes.

  1. What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?

No nerfing. I’m all for proper balance, I’m okay with p2w having the best heroes and honestly, most games do revolve around the ones who pay so I usually skip complaining about power creep. It’s a game, play it or don’t. No calls for nerfing, no calls for boycotting, you can’t have it all and you shouldn’t, where’s the fun in having everything?