All about the players (June 2021)

  1. Feb 2019, Level 79
  2. I rotate avatar, currently Hades, with black background and :coffee: pin
  3. Nordri, my only blue elemental def down
  4. Jackal,… he is vf high attack stat just like OP said :grinning:
  5. Killhare,… I like her in my purple teams, only need 9 tiles, and win.
  6. People in alliance, and community forums.
  7. Happy unexpectedly getting Panther, Onyx.
  8. Jackal, Killhare, Panther, Onyx and C.Sabina

Well, too many purple… but that’s my current favorite,… Costume Sabina is actually replacement of Onyx (it can be 2nd team or switch for fun), specially if opponent has heavy buff, taunt, etc.

Honorable: Proteus, Rigard, Tiburtus, Kiril, Boldtusk, Grimm, Falcon, Wilbur, Almur, Hansel, Gullinbursti.


One of my favourite EP moments. For clarity I was not the one standing to attention, I was the new guy :joy:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?
    I don’t really know, but google play sais I began the tutorial in march 2019. Level 68.
  2. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    It’s the blue trainer hero. And I don’t rotate cause he’s my one and only. He’s mysterious.
  3. Who is your favourite 3* Why?
    Nordri. I like his effects on a blue mono team. But mainly I like his art, especially his haircut. :wink:
  4. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    Definitely Grimm. I still use him with my 5*.
  5. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    Lianna. Why? See 8.
  6. What do you enjoy most about the game?
    I like the competition part, our alliance nonsense and the collecting.
  7. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    I waited a long time for Lianna. @TGW advised me not to expect anything. :roll_eyes: A few days later I got Lianna. :rofl:
  8. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes
    I love my funny 3* :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Added question, so I have to edit.
9. What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?
Tearing down Ninja Tower! :partying_face:


@jinbatsu I still think Jackal is great after Leonidas Costume was released. Both he and Guardian Falcon were the only heroes I’ve ever “chased” in the game.

I was both surprised and happy to get both Falcon and Jackal, after so many Guardians of Teltoc challenge events.

For me, Jackal was really difficult to get, but 100% worth it.

You really enjoy your dark heroes! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Pike I like seeing your Frosty at +19! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

September 2020 currently at level 62

  1. Who is your avatar? Drake Fong

Do you rotate your avatar? Had Gravemaker up for a long while until the drake fong avatar came my way.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

That’s quite easy… Bjorn, He just smashes the competition, and always hits twice

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

The 4* in the body of a 5* Rigard both sides, he’s simply fantastic… Heals and cleans the dirty house… Cant ask for much more than that.

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

The epitome of aristocracy… Frigg… Simple, she smashes everyone, and even moves out the way when you throw stuff at her.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

Apart from the wonderful community… The comradery of my alliance,

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

Winning a war matchup with boldtusk reviving with 1 hp and clipping the opponent with deadtiles for the win.

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

My actually defense team barring bera, jabberwock gets the nod though but based on formation I’m. Using.


Nice topic!

  1. Level 70, December 19’. Highest troop 22 (I think it is interesting to see how troop levels relate to peoples’ player levels)

  2. Rafaelle. I don’t really care much about avatars, but every time my daughters ask me to change it I am happy to oblige for a few days. They always choose female avatars, I think they are both sexist little girls.

  3. Gunnar because he gets me good defense rankings in tournies, C Brienne because I used her vs 14* titans and Shrubbear because my daughters think he is funny

  4. C Mel. I use him daily (hourly!) and his dispel and defense up makes him a counter to everything from Krampus to Sif to Vanda to Garnet to C Kad (partially) to Frigg and Finley. Will definitely be the first green to be limit broken and will do him up all the way immediately as his only weakness is his relative frailty and anything I can do to keep him alive will improve my game

  5. Hard to split it between Lord Loki and Grimble. Grimble turns Freyas and Beras from an advantage to the defense to a huge advantage to the offense, and he turns Alfrike into a 9 tile hero. Lord Loki is super fun and strategic and powerful. I also hvae a soft spot in my heart for both Myztero and Noor. Myztero I think is very good and if the meta shifts back to more DOT dealers he will be amazing.

  6. Managing my roster, deciding where to focus resources, playing around with team syngergies, making the most out of heroes including those that are reviewed poorly. Favourite PVE event is ninja tower whilst I consider wars the most important PVP events, despite the relatively poor loot. I enjoy all of the PVP stuff and detest almost all of the PVE stuff

  7. My daughters always amuse me in their interactions with the game. My older daughter loves Lady Loki as she considers herself as a bit of a trickster goddess. Happy memories are probably all linked to pulling favourite heroes

  8. Myztero, Lord Loki, Alfrike, Grimble, C Mel

How about asking the single biggest thing each player would like to see happen in the game? Mine would be a good solution to the duplicate hero problem (honorable mention to letting you redo the last recipe in alchemy lab)


Thank you for this thread, I like this kind of positivity. :slight_smile:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

March 2020. Level 58

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Sonya (because my name is Sonia too!). No, I don’t rotate my avatar. Once I had Lady Woolerton for a few days, because all of our alliance members changed their avatars during Easter event.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

This is a very difficult question! There are many rare heroes that I really like, but if I can only choose one, I choose C. Brienne, because I have and use her longer than any other rare hero. I like her special, thanks to her I once did about 100k damage on a blue titan.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

And another difficult choice. Maybe Boldtusk. I got him and his costume quite early and he is with me like forever. He’s a great healer, tough to kill and can revive thanks to his class. I use him very often, he’s still in my defence team.

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

Among those 3 I have maxed? :grin: I choose Misandra. Her skill is just fun and again she’s fighter class.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

Summoning heroes. I know that mostly it’s disappointing, but I’m always excited when trying to get new heroes from S3 or challenges portals.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

My happiest memory in the game is that one when in about 10 days I got 4 new legendary heroes from TC20. I was surprised, I thought it was some kind of bug. ^^’

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Again, they were difficult to choose, but I decided that I will choose heroes that helped me the most in difficult stages, challenges and other quests.


Nice thread!

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?
    January 2020. Currently level 56.

  2. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    Marjana. The game assigned me Thorne and I didn’t care, but then I joined an alliance and people thought I was a bloke named Theo (no and no, Theobroma is Greek for « beverage of the gods », as in Theobroma cacao, guess what my drug of choice is). So I changed it to Sonya, because I look more or less like her, and later to Marjana to avoid confusion with another Sonya-avatarred (?) player in my new alliance. I don’t rotate. No background, no badge. I only do « three-minute show-off time » when I get a completion avatar (end of season, etc.) and go back to Marjana.

  3. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
    Grevle. Got two of them. They’re awesome. Bringing a team of 3* heroes with 1500+ HP each to the bosses feels great. :smiling_imp:Oh, and I love rubbing their bellies and watching them sparkle, too. :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:
    Kvasir comes in a close second.

  4. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    Hard one. I have just finished levelling Wilbur, I am working on Proteus
    and I guess Hansel will be great once levelled. Also love C-Rigard and starting to enjoy my fresh Kiril a lot, but I do love my Boldtusk, his straight-forward approach, his solid, reliable build, his interest in cooking, his delicate complexion, and his subtle MonaLisa smile. :cupid:
    And I still love my Grimm. Perfect body, original complexion, a face like no other, he’ll leave any girl defenceless. Plus, orphans need love, don’t they? Also, there is that sword mystery. He carries three swords but only has two arms… But then, there is the length of his loincloth. It can’t be practical in battle, now, can it? So what is really the Dark Orphan’s dark secret? How big is it? And most of all, is it prehensile? :face_with_monocle: I’m asking purely out of scientific interest, of course. :innocent:

  5. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    Malosi. My first HotM ever, and my very first 5* too, in fact, came along with my first Sonya. He looks so positive, and feels somewhat like a protective bigger brother, with his no-nonsense « shut up and sit down » punch-line. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  6. What do you enjoy most about the game?
    Levelling new heroes ans strengthening my teams, finishing new levels/challenges. Fun and supportive moments in the alliance chat.

  7. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    Pulling Cyprian, my first 4* ever. I was overjoyed.
    The funniest moments are when my son and I invent incantations and chant and dance to the RNG gods before summons. GAWAAH GAWOO GAWAAH GAWOO GAWAAH GAWOO, HEY! :rofl: It does make pulling the fourth Dawa of the week a better moment.

  8. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

  9. What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**
    The improvements HA 10 needs, along with S2 heroes in TC.


I love how you wrote about Grimm @YayaTheobroma ! :joy:

and Malosi is also a fave of mine, you describe him so well, I can just imagine him coming up and being like “hey, these people bothering you, little sis/bro?”

  • When did you start playing? What is your level?
    Don’t remember. 4+ years, anyway. 72.

  • Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    Sif. Don’t really care for my avatar, I do change it to inform my ally I’m done with a new achievement/quest/event to let them know I’m up for advise on the harder stages.

  • Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
    Tactic wise I have to say Brienne+Gunnar (and relative costumes) they allow for a lot flexibility.
    From an acoustic point of view By-Ulf, his skill is just too satisfying. And he is relevant in literature as well.
    Aesthetically I would need to choose Renfeld: those thighs, that piece of cloth hanging on his groin… why so long? Is it to stay covered when Layla is around (you know, geometry of tensostructures)?
    Guess I’m on the same page as @YayaTheobroma on this :rofl:
    I also like he doesn’t look too macho, he is somewhat weird and while I don’t like his emo twist I like it’s there: I could make fun of him any time :smiling_imp:

  • Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    Tactic wise Mist, whose sound I don’t like thou.
    Aesthetically I can’t help it: I’m not indifferent to Tiburtus vicious looks :roll_eyes: and how can you ignore his concert outfit :star_struck: ? Make me roll all night! :metal::guitar: And please tell me you have a Ph.D. like Dr. May!

  • Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    That’s gotta be Tarlak. Out of the obvious reasons, I have a sweet spot for whoever could provide a decent rendition of Ka Mate or Kapa o Pango

  • What do you enjoy most about the game?
    Up to three days ago it would have been my alliance but after LBs we are down to 12 people and it’s becoming stressful to try to convince them not to leave so I would need to say that it’s a free game without outrageous amounts of advertising - and yes, it’s weak, I know

  • What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    From a game perspective finishing the first rare quest with 3* (before emblems and with very limited items support).
    From my personal perspective having a fellow alliance mate who was a heavy spender yell at me “How the @%€# can you score so high?!?”.
    To which I replied “I’m simply way better than you”. He rage quit our alliance for a couple years but got back recently and told me “Yeah, you are amazing”

  • Show me your top 5 favourite heroes
    My roster is awful because of my amazing luck with pulls so I would need to say Isarnia, Athena, Hel, Tarlak and Richard (I reckon that I was very lucky in getting two very good non-S1 out of just four non-S1)

  • What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**
    An event or arcade mode where every player is on the same level roster wise.


I would like to talk with a player. My email is xxx if interested.

Mod edit - please don’t share personal info

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1: Started playing February 2019. Currently level 80.
2: I used Magni for over two years until I got the Lava bomblet. It stands out compared tot he rest of my alliance so it’s easy to see my titan damage.
3 star: Bane: a simple yet very good hero. We should be happy SG is kind enough to gift us such a gift :rofl:
4 star: Little John: his mana control has enabled me to complete levels I would not have been able to otherwise (I don’t have Proteus)
5 star: Lepiota: shut down part of the team and ghost tiles for four turns
6: For a few months it was Ninja Tower. The novelty has worn off a bit. I like 3 and 4 star raid tournaments just for the variety
7: Beating Ninja Tower for the first time
8: Too lazy
9: Give me beta access. As f2p I’ll never get most of the nice toys, so I’d love to play around with them. If that doesn’t count it’s probably to either make things take less clicks or for SG to publish better stats (more leaderboards/rankings) for us to enjoy.

  1. I started when Margaret was hotm. I think it was two years ago. Currently level 62.
  2. Avatar is and always has been Sonya. I would change it only for Norns.
  3. Fave 3* that’s a tough one. If i could choose a combo, i would pick Kvasir+C.Brienne, devastating. Since i can pick only one, i’d go with Kvasir. I use him the most and it’s such a joy whenever his minions block LadyoftheLake’s pesty minions.
  4. Fave 4* no doubt whatsoever is Gullinbursti. I usually refer to him as a game changer and a cheat code. He’s stable in my yellow teams everywhere (to the point i go with yellow even when other colours would fit better), druid quests have become a breeze, he’s a must on blue-reflect events, he heals and damages and buffs. Such a joy that, the more i get hit, the more he hits back on the enemy. Even his special’s animation and sound are funny :rofl:
  5. Fave 5*. Tough one, but i’d say Miki, for how much i changed my mind about him. I was not excited at all when i pulled him, i saw nothing special in him. I have to say i was at the beginning, didn’t have much experience or knowledge, didn’t face titans nor even tried legendary tiered events. I ascended Thorne before Miki, heroes with no attack or healing skills were a mistery to me :joy: Then i read some comments, ascended him and just WOW. The satisfactioin of hitting for more than 100k on a titan, of completing legendary challenge without any problem, ending boss level in a matter of seconds… Thank you Miki. I didn’t believe in you, i’ll never make such a mistake again.
  6. Titans (unless the board boycotts you from start to finish), but mainly quests or map stages. I’m just not a raid/war type, they make me too nervous. And on a side note, the artwork on some of the heroes is really cool and fascinating
  7. Hard to say. Probably when i managed to hit for more than 100k on titans of every colour i really felt proud, in a way :joy: (thinking about it, even pulling Santa and Gravemaker with single free coins was quite a joy, and Miki#2 and Grazul and Yunan too. Pulling amazing heroes without spending is definitely a special feeling :see_no_evil:)
  8. Citing heroes i have, it must be Miki, Elizabeth, Uraeus, Gravemaker, Domitia/Joon. If i had to choose amongst all heroes Onatel, Lady of the Lake, Bera, Frigg, Alfrike would definitely fight with Miki and Elizabeth for that top5 (yeah, badass women with a great artwork are my weak spot
  9. I cannot decide between an overall update of the most outdated quests (every single one, as of now), an honest rebalancing of older hotm/challenge event/special event heroes, whatever better could be done for that darn horrific chat, but probably the biggest change i would love to happen is the introduction of penalties on the final score for every single item used in challenge events. No more carpet-bombing through stages, just play them.
  1. Feb 2019, level 80
  2. Bai yeong, will switch when I get new ones but usually go back to it.
  3. Nordi, multi use for events and Titans
  4. Gullinbursti, over health is so useful on hard modes, events, and rush battles
  5. Lepiota, fun to ghost stuff.
  6. I like PVE content, chaining 14* Titans, getting some higher ranks in like ninja tower, used to rank in challenge events but replays are too time consuming.
  7. For about half a month I had the 2 of the meta defense before nerfs (Vela/telluria) probably will never be that close to meta ever again lol.
  8. Krampus, ursena, lepiota, gullinbursti, malosi.
  9. Slower pace of new heroes/content/power surge. The calendar is packed as is and I like to complete stuff, there is no more time for events without stuff dropping off.
  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

March 2019 - level 75

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Godzilla is my Avatar (I can’t recall what it’s actually called…just looks like Godzilla!) It was Gaderius for a year as I loved the art but I fancied a change and always said I’d buy that Godzilla avatar next time it came round. 1200 gems well spent.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Costume Gunnar. He transformed my performances in events and tournaments over night. I make Top 1000 legendary with ease using C.Gunnar. He’s a rock star.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

It’s probably a bit boring as it’s very similar to the 3* but Wilbur. Game changing hero.

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

Now we are into the tough questions. With so many funky heroes to pick from it’s easy to go for one of the OP once’s like Frigg or Finley. But that feels like a cop out. So I’m going to go left field and say Khagan. I love how a couple of buffs makes an S1 hero totally relevant again. Gives hope that they will tweak other heroes as they go.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

This game is like an interactive fidget spinners for me. What I love most is the resource manage aspects of the game

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

When I joined Crew-Jesters over a year ago. A better group you couldn’t meet.

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

It changes all the time. But these currently

  1. What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**

For it to continue


Same, I love using that avatar :grin:


Because it is you asking, I’ll go on ahead (please forgive errors, as a “new” player I have no forum rights, I can’t edit and can’t tag or quote anything that contains a tag. I can’t technically re qualify because I already have those badges.

Q1. January 2019, joined the forums a week later as I had questions. Level 51 so I guess I am a newbie compared to monsters like you.

Q2. My avatar is Sonya, I like her no BS look on her hero card. I don’t change avatars at all except the for the first time, just once.

Q3. I love my 3 stars, they are the most fun you can have in game. I can’t list just one as they are so versatile. I Iove my Hawkmoon costume, Grevle is essential. then the Kvasirs, Frosties and Sudris.

Q4. Sonya. Despite almost identical stats, Caedmon is always taking one for the team and Sonya just gets her job done. And a vote for Mireweave as unloved and underrated she is. Take her to a slugfest (+18 blinged and a mana troop) and watch her do her thing. The other thing is if you like Proteus, you need two. It might be a long fight but who cares if you win?

Q5. None of them. Alfrike might just make the cut for farming level 3. But I have another 21 5* and all are equally pathetic (Joon, Obakan, even Lepus and Sartana are passable. Bertila was a total waste of mats.).

Q6. Getting under SG’s skin. Bullying incites hostility. OH, and wars, when it comes down to 1 or two flags, it gets exciting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Q7. Being described by my boss as having “a heart of gold and a temper like a rabid ferret”. That’s you @TGW. And my alliance members are all awesome people; what more could I want?

Q8. No. The amount I spent for absolutely nothing makes it too embarrassing to share.

Q9. Helsinki nuked from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. (this statement was a little shameful on reflection). I don’t want Helsinki nuked although I have never met a Finn that I liked and I tend to like pretty much everyone (within reason).
Mostly I would like a little more transparency from SG.


September 2019 2018 (sorry, got my dates wrong… has it really been that long???). Level… um… 53 I think? Something like that. I only play casually these days.

Graymane, because wolf. Never change unless it’s for silly fun.

Currently, probably costumed Gunnar. Why? You either understand or you don’t.

Still sticking with my good old trusty Boldtusk on this one. Because he’s a beast.

Ehhhh I’d probably have to say Miki overall. Because titans.

My alliance.


Well, I’ve had a few highlights here and there. Pulling a 5* is always a nice rare treat. Beating teams that should be way out of my league. Winning a war because the other team makes a rookie mistake always gives me a chuckle.

Huh. That’s a tough one. Miki and Boldtusk for sure. I also like Noor and Santa Claus. But that’s already 3 reds. Ummm Proteus, Jott, and Hansel are cool for 4 stars.

IDK. Most of the rest of my team is vanilla, and they’re all fairly equal in terms of usefulness or whatever.

For the lootbox gacha microtransaction model to be outlawed internationally and permanently. Full stop.

Only replying here because I was “fake” tagged. :grin:

Your anger is justified. :wink:


Ooooh so this is where I go to stalk players :thinking:

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