All about the players (June 2021)

I’m quite curious about who is playing the game today. Can you tell me about yourself please? :sweat_smile:

I suggest the following questions. Answer as many as you prefer.

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?
  2. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
  3. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
  4. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
  5. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
  6. What do you enjoy most about the game?
  7. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
  8. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes
  9. What is the single biggest thing you’d like to see happen in the game?**

**Thanks to @Homaclese for suggesting this question. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My answers:

  1. December 2017. Level 87

  2. I’ve worn Yang Mai often since I got her avatar. I do like rotating avatars, backgrounds, and pins. I definitely enjoy the most recent pin added to the avatar shop - rainbow. Perfect to show my support for World Pride Month. :heart:

  3. I’d say Frosty. There was a snowman avatar reward for completing the first Christmas seasonal event. It was not repeated again.
    I was glad that they offered Frosty, both as a hero and an avatar during the last Santa’s Challenge seasonal event. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  4. It’d have to be Guardian Jackal! I love that he is very fast, his high attack stat, and his holy elemental defence down. :muscle: I don’t see myself ever removing his emblems.

  5. Guardian Panther. She had always been my dream hero. :heart_eyes: Since I spend little on the game, I honestly never thought I’d get her.
    I was hoping for a second Jackal, and I was incredibly lucky to get Panther the second last Guardians of Teltoc challenge event in November 2020.

  6. The people! Past and present teammates. My “lucky” former but inspirational, knowledgeable, understanding, and fun alliance leader @LuluA85 :kissing_heart: My global chat and forum buddies. This gaming community. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  7. Happiest would be unexpectedly getting Panther. Funniest? :thinking: Perhaps when a certain alliance leader joined my alliance at the time. He surprised me, but advised he wouldn’t be able to stay long in alliance chat. I replied: “Boo. I’ll make it easy for you”. Then I kicked him from the alliance immediately. :smiling_imp:

  8. I’ve placed my top 5 favourite heroes starting from left to right. Panther is my number one!

  9. I’d have to go with improving the Hero Academy. For example, it’d be great to be able to run three levels at once, and queue at least one more hero for HA10. :pray:
    However, I think something possibly more realistic is capping the gems cost for +5 hero slots at 200 gems. I think this would be a really nice QoL improvement for a greater number of players. I’m currently at 300 gems per +5. :sweat_smile:


  • I’d like this to be a positive thread. If necessary, I’ll flag anything that I think is inappropriate.
  • Even though this is a thread about the players, I also invite @KiraSG @Petri and @EmpiresPuzzles to participate. It’s totally up to them, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Apologies in advance if I may not reply directly to your post. I am behind with replies on a few threads. :sweat_smile:

Awesome idea! We need more positivity on the forums ^^.

  1. I think I started playing when Grimble was featured as a HotM, which would be December 2019. Currently level 65.

  2. My current avatar is Rafaelle. I really wanted to summon him as a HotM but sadly didn’t get him. I just feel like he represents me as a person. Never changing it either, that rafaelle guy is me. Also happy with my pin featuring the flag of the Netherlands.

  3. Who is my favourite 3*. This is a hard one, I tend to lean towards 2 heroes. Kvasir and (costume) Gunnar. In the end I think i’ll go with (costume) Gunnar. He has so much value among the 3* heroes within tournaments and challenge events.

  4. With my favourite 4* I think I have to go with (costume) Colen. He hits so incredible hard and is an amazing addition in a team with Boldtusk, Santa/Wilbur, Guardian Falcon he can wipe out teams like crazy. Also again a very valuable hero during challenge events! Recently maxed and emblemed my Gullinbursti +20 though. Haven’t played a lot with him yet but he might kick (costume) Colen out of his place.

  5. My favourite 5* is a tough choice. I got lucky with so many amazing heroes! Alfrike, Guardian Panther, Ariel (my first 5*), Mother North, Santa. Last month I also got Skadi and Garjammal (not maxed yet). If you had asked me this question 6 months ago I would’ve said Guardian Owl. He is not even half as bad as people say he is and he is still fully emblemed. He is so tanky and I generally like the hero looks a lot! Held my defense team in diamond easily! However, my currently favourite 5* hero has to be khagan with his costume bonus. With a lv 23 mana troop, emblem bonus and costume he can almost become average and this dude hits hard. Very hard. Similar with (costume) Colen, in the perfect set up with Boldtusk, Santa/Wilbur, Guardian Falcon he wipes out enemies. If I get 12 red tiles with my mono red team I win, they will oneshot the enemy team. And funny enough, also a perfect hero for challenge events and Ninja Tower.

  6. The aspects I certainly enjoy in this game and keep me around for sure is my alliance. These people are amazing. Looking at the game itself I have to go with PvE events. Challenge events, Ninja Tower, Mythic Titans. Since I’m not a big spender but have the right heroes for these events I can actually compete in here. Finishing in top 1k rare, top 500 epic, top 1000 legendary in every challenge event is among the stuff I love the most!

  7. I can name a million things that was my happiest or funniest moment. Actually, every non-season 1 hero summon could be named as one. I think Santa takes the crown here though. I didn’t have a red 5* in such a long time and with my defense team at that time he would be the absolute perfect flank. I stocked up on gems and EHT for christmas where Reuben was the HotM (another red 5*). I used up all my EHT (about 50) and about five 10x pulls. During that I netted Mother North which I was decently happy about but I wanted Santa. I used up all my gems I had leftover and on the very very last summon I got Santa. I had less than 20 gems left.

  8. As tradition, my top 5 heroes starting from left to right. Give me another Khagan and I’ll max him straight away!

top 5 heroes

I’m curious to see what other players have as their favourite heroes!


what a nice positive thread! and I am enjoying reading your answers @SamMe and @yoyotje it’s a good reminder on finding joy in this game :slight_smile:

For me:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

August 2018, so nearly 3 years ago. Currently level 78.

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Jack O’Hare! I like bunnies, used to have some as a kid, and in the Chinese Zodiac I am the Year of the Rabbit. Green is also my fave color. So a Green-themed bunny? Yes! I also like his smirk, it’s similar to my personality :stuck_out_tongue: So yes, Jack is my spirit animal.

No, even though I completed most avatar missions, I don’t change my avatar… I’m just a completionist. I like checking things off lists :wink:

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Tough one. I’d have to say Kvasir, because once I put him on my farming team things became way easier. I can autoplay with ease through most typical farming stages (e.g. S1 7-4), and even if the AI is stupid, once Kvasir’s minions are summoned they easily plow through the enemy…

Runner-up is C-Renfeld (I love using him vs. triple challenge event or ToL bosses!) Honorable mention Pixie, I love mana control :wink:

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Proteus, Proteus, Proteus. He was only my second 4* ever, but he elevated my game. I’m so lucky, I got him early - 3 months into the game, November 2018. I was at the bus station in Bordeaux then, just arrived from Paris… and boom, Proteus popped up. I read his special and immediately knew I had struck GOLD. He’s been a staple ever since. Even now that I run mono, and have Hansel as an alternate mana controller, Proteus is still a key part of my squad.

He’s so amazing that we’ve brought him to life on the When Suddenly thread, as part of a comedy duo with Hu Tao!

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

Seshat, hands down. Though not my first 5* (she was my 6th), she made a splash (and she had some tough competition, before her I ascended Master Lepus, Inari and Margaret, all of whom were useful on my offense… but Seshat was useful both on offense AND defense. (I also got Aegir and Aeron before Seshat, but both were only ascended after).

Seshat’s snipe, dispel, and especially her replicating minions are the #1 reason she elevated my game more than the others. She was, and still is, often the last hero standing on my team; she’s beat opponents 3 vs. 1 (I remember once, she murdered enemy Alberich, Alasie and Gravemaker all by herself; another time Kadilen, Anzogh and Li Xiu as they could not do enough damage to break through her minions…) Even until now, if I had to choose 1-1, I would bring her over any of my other snipers.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

My alliance. They’re a lovely, lovely bunch, always funny and supportive. They are the main #1 thing keeping me in the game.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

I once raided into top 9 globally . It was exhausting but rewarding… though I don’t think I would do it again, lol. One needs time and stamina to do it!

Funniest memory? Winning a war by using Vlad! (Spoiler: I ran mono with 3* Purples… and against all odds Vlad survived and beat the last enemy hero by himself!)

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Here we go. Proteus and Seshat I’ve mentioned already.
Lepus was the first 5* I ascended (together with Inari), and really upped my offense - he’s an ice cold killer, heh.
Joon, is memorable because I got the costume first… then one week later, Joon came (when the hero and costume were not yet a package deal!) And he’s just amazing, and my strongest S1 sniper (in terms of emblems and therefore stats).
Bera is one of my most recent success stories, and as I love Kvasir, I took to Bera quickly too. She’s great in PvP and also PvE, joining Kvasir in some of my farming teams.

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

Feb 2019. Level 71

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Gruff Toril, from the start.
(my alt changes occasionally, and is currently Uraeus)

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Pixie. Damage through feeding garbage.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Hansel. Even before Pixie was introduced. Mana “controllers” are fun and the utility against PvE bosses is matched only by Proteus who I got much later.

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

This is harder. For the longest time it was Seshat – sniper, minions, debuff, ranger. So many uses.
But the centerpiece for a lot of my attack teams these days is Lady of the Lake, because Sword Minions are best minions. Again. Mana control.

And from my alt, Lepiota is fantastic for controlling defenses.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

Running two accounts, some days it feels like too much of a grind to find the good. :slight_smile:
My alliance is great. The game is a needed distraction from the every day stresses.
I think, maybe, the best thing about the game itself is that the breadth of heroes allows you to find your own play style. Some people like very fast smash and dash, some like to play the mana control game, some go for turtling, and they are all valid play styles. And to keep the thread positive, let’s leave that there.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

I don’t think there’s any one specific thing, but a … let’s call it category. Taking a rag-tag team of nothings and somehow through luck and a little skill you absolutely smash a far superior team. I think the stand out moment was an early war with my alt. Having a little experience under my belt I already knew a bit about the effectiveness of stacking, wandered into battle against a team that was probably +800 or +900 (I yolo’d a lot in those days because everyone else was afraid of powerful teams) figuring i would maybe remove the tank or whittle it down a bit and got just the right set of tiles and activations to smash it to bits.

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

In no particular order–

  1. 13 Ago 2017, lv83
  2. Wu Kong with Italy pin and brown/yellow ray background
  3. Gunnar, he helped me in my earlier days
  4. Wu Kong, my first 4* hero and a lifesaver
  5. Gravemaker, I got him as “birthday gift” from a EHT
  6. When buff balance patches occours
  7. When the war’s matchmaking were changed
  8. Wu Kong, Gravemaker, Marjana*, Leonidas*, Wilbur

Good Thread. My answers below:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

I started playing in 28 Dec-2019 & am at L76.

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

Current avatar is the last Mythic Titan & yes, I rotate regularly.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Grevle gives me an opportunity to play long & win = my favourite 3*. He unseated Gunnar (both main & Costume) my 2nd favourite.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

Wilbur is my favourite 4* for the shear options he brings to the play & he unseated Guardian Falcon, who I used to use a lot without knowing about elemental DD in early days :rofl:

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

It’s a tie between Gazelle my 1st 5* & Heimdall my 1st Valhalla draw on day-1. Both heroes disappointed me when I got them & they unravelled. Gazelle was untouched for a month till I chanced upon a video & then started feeding her everything I could to 2/60 and have used her everyday for last 16 months. I discovered Heimdall’s value the next day & he became my first 4/80 Nature 5* before Telluria & Eve.

For me, Heimdall revives more often than is given credit. Maybe I use he a lot, hence… An amazing combo with Gazelle.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

The uncertainty (RNG) in almost every area keeps the mystery going. I simply love playing different style / hero combos to see how it goes. I love the Titans, Tournaments the most.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

I hated getting Gazelle early into the game & missing out on a hitter. I kept her benched & started levelling Joon till I saw a video about Gazelle’s play. That moment became happiest.

Funniest moment was recently, I got 2nd & 3rd Lady Lokis within 5 coin pulls & stopped to not keep getting multiples. Next day’s first coin pull got me 2nd LoLo… I was scared to use my balance coins collected from completing Valhalla. Shocked at the odds… but not thrills bcoz they were duplicates & triplicates…

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Gazelle - Heimdall - FriGG - LoLo - Hatter : This 4446 TP combo takes on any great teams & its fun watching their play.



I will answer for my alt because I like it more than my main

1.February/March 2019 (with few breaks) lvl 53


3.Bane, I wasn’t lucky with 3* at the beggining and he is just strong sniper

4.Gullin, my only health “adder”

5.Krampus, taunt saved me many times and meatshield from minions is very usefull


7.Probably pulling Krampus with my single EHT pull

  • When did you start playing? What is your level?
    August Bank Holiday 2018, Level 77

  • Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    Savage Morlock, I use the last avatar I earned - although if it’s not changed for awhile, I’ll go back to the skeleton pirate from season 2.

  • Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
    It’s got to be Bane doesn’t it? My longest serving hero - although he is mostly retired nowadays. I also have a soft spot for Gill-Ra (my first hero to reach +20 emblems)

  • Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    Boldtusk, I didn’t get Rigard (the last S1 4* I pulled) or a 5* healer for the longest time, so Boldtusk was a mainstay in all my teams for ages.

  • Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    Lady Locke, not my first non-S1 5* (that was Zimkitha) but one of my early ones, she is just great! I won’t raid without her, even if she isn’t actually suited to the opposition.

  • What do you enjoy most about the game?
    Whilst I get frustrated at times, I enjoy most of it most of the time

  • What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    First time I completed a challenge event,
    My first war when I got 6 one-shots against proper opponents

  • Show me your top 5 favourite heroes
    Locke, Seshat, Zocc, Mother North and (of course) Aife.

  1. I have two profiles. I started the first one Aug/17 (87). Had trouble with my tablet so I bought another one in Dec/17(85). I couldn’t figure out how to move my game so I started another one. First tablet settled down and I just kept playing both (crazy, I know!).

  2. Avatars - all the pretty girls :grin:

  3. Fave 3 star - Hawkmoon. She’s a workhorse.

  4. Fave 4 star - I’m often teased about my love affair with Wilbur.

  5. Fave 5 star - I have a girl crush on C-Kaidlen.

  6. The people - always! I’ve “met” so many wonderful, helpful people and they’ve added greatly to the enjoyment of my game. I’m lucky that my hubby also plays so he understand my commitment/addiction.

  7. We had a new member join us when we were fighting a tough titan. One of our members, an older lady, welcomed the new player by saying “welcome, we have a hard on for you”. Dead silence! Luckily the new member had a sense of humour and responded " well, that’s a friendly welcome". Funniest typo ever! @Infinite

  8. On Princess these are just some of my favourites…


Lol! What was “hard on” supposed to be?? :slight_smile: funny story @princess1

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Hard ONE for the tough titan we were fighting :grin::joy:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?
    April 2019, level 55 (I think???)
  2. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    Currently Hades with my saltire pin. I often end up back using Frank though
  3. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
    I neglected my 3s early in the game to work on 4s instead. Finally back to them now. I would say Pixie, she’s fun
  4. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    My Sumle. Love watching him wreck teams.
  5. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    Gazelle, with LotL a close second
  6. What do you enjoy most about the game?
    Raids and wars. I dislike titans but enjoy the mythic (best chance of good loot) As is evident from my level and start date I dont map a huge amount. Have barely touched S3 hard, but I am enjoying S4
  7. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    Scoring 31 points on a titan hit. In my defence I was on a bus to Hampden to watch Scotland vs Russia and I may have had more to drink than should be allowed when hitting titans…
  8. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Seshat my undead warrior princess, Gazelle who is insanely good, LotL who makes every map stage easy, Anzogh who I got as a hotm 3 days after starting and then a second 2 days later. Kiril whose costume I only got last event. Now he is my favourite 4star healer over Boldtusk and Rigard


Started on 1st April 2020, profile level is 62, Roc is avatar, Snipers are Favourite.


Great thread, @SamMe .

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?

Started playing in late September 2018. Currently level 70.

  1. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?

My avatar has been Poseidon ever since finishing S2. At that point, Poseidon was one of like four legendaries on my roster and was certainly the best male hero I had (Onatel being the best overall and best female). As FTP, I was so excited to have this special hero and to have beaten S2, I stuck with him. If there were an easily attainable avatar for Heimdall - my “holy crap!” pull from S3 - I would probably switch to him.

  1. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?

Hmm. I guess I’ll go with Nordri, since he’s my only blue elemental defense down hero. There are several three-star heroes whose abilities I value, but no clear-cut favorite.

  1. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?

I think Brynhild. I don’t use her much on offense anymore, but she made such a difference on my defense, especially after I paired her with Krampus. Why is she - a four-star - undispellable, when Zulag - a five-star HotM - is completely dispellable?

  1. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?

I feel blessed to have some great five-star pulls for a F2P. Already mentioned Poseidon, Krampus, and Heimdall, who are clearly great. Pre-nerf Vela was awesome, even though I didn’t (and don’t) have Telluria. Raffale has been growing on me lately after seriously saving my butt in two of the last three wars. But there’s always that soft spot in your heart for your first legendary, and mine was a doozy - Onatel!

Pulled her during Atlantis back when I didn’t know beans about how to target heroes or anything. Just using Atlantis coins as I got them. Best I recall, she was the second of four pulls I could do that morning. I was completely stoked out of my gourd. She made everything so much easier for me with her mana control. Even helped at 3^70 until I got darts for her, and I ended up ascending Poseidon first because she can do what she does at 3^70, while a sniper like Poseidon has to be maxed to be good. Honestly, sometimes I am tempted to take her for granted, and then I end up in a raid or war where she is the last one on my team standing, stealing mana, firing away with her special, and healing with her element link, and she reminds me how glad I am to have her.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the game?

Working on new projects. I’m of the opinion that every hero has some usefulness in the game - some place where they really shine. As long as I’m getting new heroes, I feel like I’m adding something valuable to my roster. This is why I worry about SGG’s absolute unwillingness to improve summon odds or make older heroes available from TC20. Eventually, it’s spend or work on the same old crap. When that happens to me, it’s time to leave.

  1. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?

Happiest was probably pulling Onatel. I never even bothered looking at the HotM because I knew I had basically no shot at them, but in January 2019, I looked at the HotM on a whim. Loved her character design, loved her special skill, and remember thinking, “Man, folks are going to be happy to land her.” Late in the month, when I saw the bonus draw screen for the first time ever, it was almost in slow motion as my brain thought, “What’s that? Bonus draw? Oh, yeah; I read about that. But that means I’m getting the Hero of the Month! I don’t even have a five-star yet. This is gonna be my first one. Oh yeah; it’s that boss chick Onatel! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap!” All that between seeing “Bonus Draw” and Onatel appearing onscreen. I had read all these “Should I ascend X or wait for something better?” threads, and it was such a relief to know that I would have no such questions about this hero. She was getting maxed, and I’ve never regretted it.

Funniest was probably early in the game when I was needing a four-star blue, because it was the only color I didn’t have a four- or five-star in yet. I really wanted Grimm, because he looked awesome and everyone on the forum was singing his praises. So I made it to 300 gems and plopped them into the elemental portal (noob; don’t judge) when it changed to blue after Sunday dinner. Grimm popped out, and I let out a whoop that scared my mother-in-law!

  1. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

Not much on doing screenshots, so let me just list: Onatel, Heimdall, Krampus, Kiril, and Brynhild. As F2P, I have an extra fondness for the special heroes I lucked into, just because I can look at most people and say, “I have this hero, and you don’t!” :crazy_face:

Also, honorable mention to Thorne. Forget the haters. My favorite artwork in the game. My favorite special name in the game. Mine is at +16 (all attack) and he comes on every mono blue stack except titans. He can really shine against these new 2-3 and 3-2 formations. I still want his costume, just so I can make him hit harder. If I get it, don’t think I won’t limit break him, too, just to be contrary to conventional wisdom.


Dec 2017.
Lvl 71.
Avatar Derrick.
Favorite 3* Belith. Coz got her via mail box when me using 1* Sharan as my healer.
Favorite 2* Lyla. Still have her. Sometimes she comes up on TOL first stage.
Favorite 4* , Scarlet. Don’t use her often now. But sometimes yes.
Favorite 5* , Justice.
Don’t use her often now a days.
But in rush wars , yes.


Nice Post. I like it a lot. Ok here we go:

  1. When did you start playing? What is your level?
    3 years ago at the start of 2019

  2. Who is your avatar? Do you rotate your avatar?
    I started using Rigard as my Avatar then moved to Krampus. Now I rotate my avatars and currently use the Sand Empire ones

  3. Who is your favourite 3*? Why?
    My favourite 3* is Kvasir because I just like the bees

  4. Who is your favourite 4*? Why?
    My favourite 4* is Boldtusk because he is a beast until you put a chef costume on him. Then he looks silly

  5. Who is your favourite 5*? Why?
    My favourite 5* is Krampus and Heimdall and Frigg. I love them equally and they are fab

  6. What do you enjoy most about the game?
    I enjoy the alliance camaraderie. I like the forum even though it can get to be on the negative side sometimes. Events, tournaments, Titan.

  7. What is your happiest/funniest memory in the game?
    My funniest memory was doing one of my very first pulls (a single pull) and I got a 3* hero (can’t remember who) and then out popped HOTM (Onatel). I had only just started playing the game that month and didn’t understand what had happened. I had to go and ask in alliance chat who Onatel was. And my happiest memory was pulling a second Onatel a week later lol.

  8. Show me your top 5 favourite heroes

  1. i started playing probably in January 2020ish, quit the game because i was spending way too much time on it, deleted it from my phone without connecting the profile, then redownloaded it in March 2020 because i missed it too much. i connect my game to my phone’s profile so now it’s actually saved somewhere and if i delete the game, it won’t automatically delete my progress haha. i’m player level 71.

  2. my avatar is Bertila. i don’t rotate avatars much, although i did enjoy having Malicna for a bit and was flirting with sporting Yang Mai, but i just love Bertila too much–which is why it pains me that i didn’t summon her when she was HotM. :sob: i do rotate backgrounds though. i think my current background is silver.

  3. Grevle! that badger’s still with me even as my roster has grown and i’ve maxed more 5* heroes. low HP stat to balance out his overhealing, but over 700 defense means he can still stick around on war hits against 4400-4700 TP teams that i face in war, and the overhealing combined with Ratatoskr is always clutch for me. second favorite is Shrubbear.

  4. Sonya! sentimental pick because she was my first 4* hero, and i still use her every day. second favorite is Mist.

  5. Guardian Gazelle! do i really need to explain? haha. second favorite is Myztero.

  6. the community! i didn’t realize i could ever find a place like i’ve found in a phone game, of all things. i’ve been with my alliance for a while now, and before that, a bunch of us were playing together in my first alliance before we moved to a new alliance together. also the community on Youtube and the willingness of players to share their thoughts and strategies and just talk about the game!

  7. oh man, i have too many. a recent one involved a close war win where our last attack won us the war at the last second. it was a player who has two accounts and chatted from one while warring with the other. the chatter account said, “guys i’m sorry” and we were worried that he was going to lose the hit before trolling all of us and saying “that you don’t get to see this!” then BOOM win the hit, get the points, win the war by 13 points!

  8. not on my phone right now, but top 5 favorites: Guardian Gazelle, Myztero, Norns, Vanda, and C. Vivica!


Thanks to all who have replied already! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Agl I love that you included your favorite 2* too! Mine is Layla too, and I have also kept my maxed copy! :exploding_head: I’ll usually use her and also Sha Ji (I maxed and kept since the first and only 2* raid tournament :rofl:) on an early Tavern of Legends stage.


for me:

  1. Started in October 2019, a bit before the start of the Halloween event. Current level is 69.

  2. Current Avatar is Scarlett. I do rotate randomly.

  3. Favorite 3* is Hawkmoon. Pulled her on Dec 24th 2019. I remember it clearly. Thought of it as a little Christmas present.

  4. Favorite 4* is Scarlett. When I saw her attack tile damage at 895, pre-costume release, I was having a blast. Maxed 2 of her and kept them at 20 nodes.

  5. Favorite 5* is Toxicandra. I remember when she came out. Before I got her, I had only 2 5* healers, being Raffale and Vivica. At the time, I wanted a faster healer, like Ariel. On Sunday, before sunrise, got up, walked to the grocery store, in the snow, bought a card, came home, bought all of the deals at the time, and on the 9th coin pull, out came Toxicandra. I maxed her immediately, and she’s been a top tier hero for me.

  • Second favorite 5* is Clarissa. She’s been awesome and has gotten me several victories, which would’ve been losses. And during the Raid Formations Beta, she was on my defense and netting wins.
  1. What I enjoy most about the game: The players. There’s so much knowledge floating around and the more you learn, the more you can develop your own style of play. People have their preferences when it comes to certain things about the game, but it doesn’t hurt to get an idea from other player’s perspectives.

  2. Happiest/Funniest memory - The Toxicandra story mentioned above.

  3. Favorite heroes.


@dawnsempires As you probably already know, Bertila will return as a featured HOTM during Atlantis Rises. And since they add an old HOTM older than 12 months every month to HA10, she would be added in January next year.

Even though the odds of pulling her are low, she will definitely be back in time! :four_leaf_clover:

I think it is worth mentioning that some of the recent female HOTM (Bertila, Malicna, Yang Mai) have been just beautiful/pretty IMHO. As can be seen by my forum avatar, I am definitely a fan of Malicna’s artwork! :wink:


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