All 5 updated events side by side

Looking at them altogether it’s clear there is more green than anything hence the popularity of the 5xNamahage team for Rare. All red teams tend to excel in Epic and Legendary too since the imbalance makes certain heroes much more valuable than others - looking at you Guardian Falcon. I personally don’t like that as it doesn’t force the player to try something new to find the winning formula. As the name suggests they are supposed to be a challenge. Players who aren’t lucky enough to pull these heroes will struggle while those that do get an unfair advantage. I had hoped the update would even out the colours so I could get some use out of my Chao, Hu Tao, Skittles and other unloved heroes but instead they stay on the scrapheap not fully levelled.


i thoroughly enjoy a well stated opinion backed with solid reasoning and evidence. It is a rare occurrence in these forums. I would fully support your efforts to get the devs to address this grievance.


Great over all event in one pic :+1:
Also a blue team is also popular in Grimforest, because it is red reflect… So many Gato.

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