I started pushing my alchemy lab harder to farm emblems. On my first combination, I was offered 10 emblems as a reward. I was under the impression that 30 was the new reward since they updated it. Was I incorrect for thinking that?

The shards being combined were at least in part produced before the update when the emblem amount was changed. After all alkashards that existed then are cleared from your stock, you will be offered 30 emblems every time


What @Infinite said, I recall that the same happened with the previous conversion, where 50 emblems (I dont remember anyomre) were still awarded on the first conversion.

I know that w/ 1000 alkashards I am offered a choice between 2 sets of 30 emblems.

Makes the Alchemy Lab a helpful addition to boost up hero teams. Spend those lower level craft items and some hams in an ultimate trade for 30 emblems or ascenion items or other choices too!



Unless I’m mistaken, it was boosted from 10 to 30 emblems.

Wait… There is another thread with the same issue…

FYI Creating multiple threads on the same topic, adds to the workload of our voluntary moderators. :sweat:

Back on topic… I’m offered emblems in lots of 30 when combining alkashards. hmmmm :thinking:. @Guvnor or @ThePirateKing can you shed any light here??


The most likely scenario is that this batch of alkashards were produced before the October balance change happened.



Your concern was already accurately replied by @Infinite and @ThePirateKing.

This means that prior to the revamp of the Alchemy Lab, you had already yours up and creating alkashards enough already for combining but didn’t do so either because it gives you not-so-good selection or result and/orbbecause you may have known from some sources that it is going to be improved. Whatever the first combination attempt still remained the selection, even after the AL was revamped.

If such is not the case, then there is no other recourse but to submit a support ticket and hope SG staff would be able to fix it for you after you have convinced them that such is indeed a bug.


Sorry for the double post, it was early and I had to get to work before I could figure out how to delete the other post.

I started using the AL about a week ago, and was surprised to see 10 emblems. I’m working on another batch and will see if the problem repeats itself before I submit the issue for further addressal.

I just think everyone gets a generic 10 from the first go. Cleaning out the tanks so to speak. You should get 30 from now on.

I have done 3 conversions since, and all have offered 30 emblems as rewards. I think Cheds might be right.


Well there’s a first time for everything I suppose

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We all know @Cheds can’t be right


You can be correct without being alright. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alkashards also sounds like Alka Seltzer.

There’s rumours all the 5* in the game turn to dust if I’m ever right.

Let’s hope we never get to find out…

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