Alkashards rewards issue- Pop up missing item

Dear developers,
This is the second time I am offered 3*(rare) ascension material for 10000 alkashards
Two months ago was the same case and you refused to give compensation for it while promising to fix the issue but it’s not.
The message tab clearly says that ascension material has to be epic.
Please resolve. I hold collection of reward and stop all transmutations, hopping it will be corrected


That’s not a bug. That’s working as intended. You don’t have to choose 3 capes you can just take the scope instead. That’s the legendary item you want. On a separate note, what do your alchemy lab habits look like to have 10,000 alkashards now and a previous complaint of using 10,000 alkashards? Do u run alchemy lab like constantly? Can you run me through that please

The tab doesn’t say that ascesion 4* item is a chance. It states 4* ascension item, 5* battle item or emblems!
So I still think it’s wrong.
I run the lab from the first day of it’s release. I run floores 8, 9 and 10 constantly, just for the sake of alkashards.
First time it was even worse. I was offered chainmail shirt


This is like the scene in A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise asks where the mess hall is. The list you show in your screen shot isn’t necessarily exhaustive (and in this case we know it is NOT).

To the extent that your complaint is that three Rare Ascension Materials (farmable or non) is not sufficient reward, I agree with you.

But stating this as a bug is incorrect. It’s been this way for some time and everyone who’s done research on it should know that. Here’s a reference thread. I’ll quote the relevant text, emphasis mine:

The options that you can select one of currently appear to include:

  • Your choice of 1 of 2 random 4* Ascension Material selections (e.g. Poison Darts OR Mystic Rings)
  • Your choice of 1x 4* or 3x 3* Ascension Material selections (e.g. 1x Farsight Telescope OR 3x Warm Cape OR 3x Battle Manual — farmable 3 Ascension Materials can currently be included as an item choice)
  • Your choice of 1 of 2 random 50x30x Titan Battle Item selections (e.g. 50x30x Hurricane OR 50x30x Time Freeze)
  • You choice of 1 of 2 random 200x50x Emblem selections (e.g. 200x50x Fighter Emblems OR 200x50x Rogue Emblems)

I have flagged this for possible merge / move to General Discussion. Sorry, but this is NOT a bug. Again, I agree with you that the Alchemy Lab would benefit from being adjusted. But the rewards you’re showing are not an error. If you review the thread I linked you’ll find this is generally the consensus and even another person in your situation.

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Sad, shutting it down till the better times.


I do agree that with the ridiculous cost it takes to get that reward, 3* anything shouldn’t even be an option

That being said, i wouldn’t run it anymore. And I’d advise all your friends the same choice. Only person we have in crew that is making any use of it is 100% f2p and literally is at a wall enough that he has nothing else to do and even he has said it’s a complete waste for anyone that has other things to do

I sort of think the offer of 3 ascension items that isn’t even mentioned is like a bonus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m not saying I’d choose the capes over the scope but everything the legend advertises is available as an option, the 3* items are just an extra option. Who knows maybe a F2P player would really like 3 capes :man_shrugging:t2:

Not even sure if f2p can afford it. It takes 2 month, an around 6k gems, to collect 10 alkashards. So yes, I am freezing the lab and hope this helps someone to manage their resources better!

Glad I haven’t even converted a bldg to an alchemy lab yet

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Pay 2 Play feedback

Rumor from beta says this is deliberate.

Alchemy Lab Beta v0.3 (??? Edits too big to review on smartphone.) created twice the shards and offered roughly 2x the rewards for each choice ( except the 4* ascension item and emblems).

When the rate of emblems for Pay 2 Play versus Free 2 Play was discussed, offered solutions were ignored and shards were cut 50%, rewards 50% and emblems 75%, effectively nerfing emblem rewards 87.5% .

Close call

I came really close

Pop up

Gryphonkit, my wife, decided to build it to Level 1 just to get rid of the pop up when converting a building.


Click for notes




I agree with you. And the Devs can leave it unchanged.


I am leaving it in bugs because of just this issue.

Fixing the pop up would help the tier 1 customer support representatives.

And Devs have clarified pop ups in the past.


He’s using the lowest levels, i can’t explain it.

He’s got it all mathed out and in spreadsheet form, after lookin at all the thought he put into it, it looked like way too much crap for a 4* mat or emblems. I’d have to get really greedy and uncap my budget and probly end up homeless in order to make a significant use of it personally.

For him the biggest expense is hams if i recall correctly, which he’s out of feeder troops and out of emblems and ascension mats and last i saw had bout 50 tc20 trainings so for him this is bout the only use left for his resources. For anyone else i doubt it would be even remotely worth it

My hams simply hold too much value for me to go the cheap non gem route for the shards and if I’m spending gems it’s on energy refills or heroes or emblems

Think he mathed it out to like 3 4* mats per year for him or somethin like that…it’s just horrid. I actually wish i could be the one to fire whoever put this system in place…

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